Chasing Davies: The Bachelor: Shopping Episode 4

January 24, 2011

The Bachelor: Shopping Episode 4

UPDATED: Emily's dress & more similar options  - plus her shoes!  More Britt swim suit options. Lisa's black mini dress, Stripe Tee & Blue bikini. Shawntel's Green Criss-Cross Halter dress - similar option.

Are you guys still (if you ever started) watching The Bachelor, Season 15?  Episode 4 is tonight - and I'll be watching still... but mainly to see what all the girls are wearing, and cheer on my friend, Lisa.  :)  I'm enjoying finding some of the clothes worn and more importantly, similar options that can actually be purchased now (or in a reasonable price range) that the girls are wearing.

Here are a few sneak peaks of some cute duds that caught my attention from tonight's episode.  I will shoot out another post after the show with more fashion that caught my eye, and with any requests!  As always, feel free to email me (ChasingDavies (at) gmail (dot) come) or comment if you are looking for something!

For the Group Date to Love Line with Dr. Drew, Lisa wore my favorite pattern - Stripes!  I can't get enough.  Her stripe tee has a horse print on it (you see a little of it in the photo to the right).  Her stripe tee is from Urban Outfitters this past summer.

Some similar options:
Similar stripe and cut shirt, sans horse print in other colors on sale; 
In another color, a stripe tee with smaller horses also from Urban Outfitters

Lisa's one-arm black mini dress had a mesh cut out geometrical shape on the side, you can hardly see it - just a little subtle bit of fun.  That last time Lisa wore this dress, we were in VEGAS (where she goes next week in episode 5) for a best friend's bachelorette party back in April (you can see Lisa in this dress in Vegas here)!  She looks great in this dress.  Her dress was from Arden B. and purchased last March/April.  So no longer available.  Have no fear.  Of course I have similar options for you.  Including this one, that is from Arden B. but not it - it's a bit more mesh-y (but available on Ebay):
More similar options:

 From Arden B as well - one-arm mini dress
Another Arden B one-arm dress with mesh on the arm instead of the side if you are craving some mesh-ness.
One-arm black mini dress by BCBG Maxazria via Bluefly
This dress has a lace detail cut out on the side (similar to Lisa's mesh detail) from Macy's

Lisa ROCKED a little royal blue bikini.  She got this suit in California when she was there for vacay & bachelor final cut/interviews this past summer:

The Budgetista was exactly right with Lisa's suite (by Body Glove string bikini), so hop over there to be taken to the exact suit available online.  And how about Lisa's adorable floral swim suit wrap?  Well, resourceful as she is, it is actually a cotton SCARF from Forever 21.  I thought this was a great idea to utilize your cotton (not wool - haha) scarves in the summer as swim suit cover ups.  Here are some good scarfs for swim wrap options:

 Forever 21 light-weight gauze material, bright scarf would make a great swim wrap;  
Delia's similar floral scarf looks a lot like Lisa's; 
Express's floral light-weight scarf is also super pretty!

I love Emily's off the shoulder blue dress.  It looks pretty with her blond hair talking to Brad on their little picnic that caused a lot of tears from the other girls.  Her dress is from Forever 21.  I actually thought it looked a lot nicer (thicker fabric, bright/good saturation of color) than F21, but thanks to my friend Lulu (Forever 21 expert), she saw this dress in stores this summer and had tried it on.  And then Sweet Emily herself confirmed that it is indeed from F21.  She just makes it look that good.  Unfortunately that dress is no longer avail, but below are some other similar options.
 I was actually surprised that Emily was wearing Forever 21.  She seems like she'd sprint for high-end designer stuff.  But Lisa told me that she is definitely just like all the rest of the girls and totally mixes Forever 21 in with middle of the road priced & more expensive splurges (like her Christian Lououtians she was wearing with this dress).

And because we can't all afford the king of bandage dresses...Mr. Herve Leger:

...Here are some similar style dresses you can get now if you want something like it for yourself:

This one has texture to it, but is so adorable - from Bluefly by Tadashi Shoji
Karen Miller's blue off the shoulder shift dress has some subtle pleating at the neckline
This bandage blue fitted dress is longer than Emily's and different bodice patter, but very pretty - by Adrianna Papell
...but check out the whole look!  Those {I think} Christian Louboutin platform sandals make her legs go on for days.

It's hard to get a clear image of Emily's awesome shoes...but the platform and red soles lead me to believe they are Christian Louboutins (Yes, I know other designers have copied Mr. Loub's red soles, but these just seemed like the real deal).  Similar to these real deals:

Similar platform heels (for way less):

Bebe Brushed Leather Sandals

I love Britt's teal and white stripe swim suit.  It had a heart in the front and she wore solid-colored bottoms. Looks like a Roxy suit from last year.

Here are some similar suits that are available now:

I like the yellow accents on this Juicy Couture bikini;  
Contrasting bottoms on this Lisa Lozano diagonal stripe bikini are cute; 
Target currently has a very similar one for only $14 for each piece ($28 total!) & you can mix & match to pick any way you want to wear it.

Ashley H. also wore a cute swim suit, though acted not so cute as she stomped around complaining about not getting to talk to Brad. Her's is a classic cut from Victoria's Secret (Miracle Push Up cut).  They have tons of different prints in this style.  Same suit and similar print in different color is available right now.

Back to the Rose Ceremony dresses, I got a reader request on Shawntel's Emerald green criss-cross halter dress.  It looks to be from American Apparel - but no longer avail and I couldn't find it anywhere!  I did find another pretty green dress with similar neckline from Velvet by Graham & Spencer.

See anything that caught your eye?

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