Chasing Davies: Favorite Blogger Outfit: ROYGBV!

September 27, 2010

Favorite Blogger Outfit: ROYGBV!

This girly boy mom introduced a new clothing challenge to me this week... while sporting a super cute summer into fall outfit.

Jan of The Girliest Boy Mom blog is doing a ROYGBV challenge!  For one week, she followed the colors of the rainbow, on day one, wearing something with red, then orange on day 2, and so on.  Her outfit on day 2 of this challenge caught my eye.  I'm particularly into orange right now, and love the mix of summer pieces and the intro to fall feelings.

Her outfit deets:
Anthropologie In a Twinkling Dress
J. Crew Cardigan
J.Crew Belt
Target Shoes

Now, am I up for another clothing challenge?  This one is only a week....Might start next Monday!