Chasing Davies: Spin Pin = Perfect Bad Hair Day Remedy

September 28, 2010

Spin Pin = Perfect Bad Hair Day Remedy

Yep, and that's a bold statement from me, because I often have bad hair days.  So if two little twisted pieces of metal can turn my ratty hair into a smooth up-do in 5 minutes, I'm gonna tell you about it.  Because that is one awesome time saver.

The twisted pieces of metal:

The Ratty Hair:

I have multiple fly-aways at my hair line around my forehead, so when I don't feel like whipping out the hot iron to smooth them down, I French braid my hair back from the hair line and here, pulled it all into a high pony.  

Enter Spin Pin:

Wrapped the hair around the base of the pony tail/holder (twisting while wrapping).  Then take one spin pin and twist it into the bun from the bottom, the the other pin from the top.  You might feel them hit each other inside the bun, but that's ok - they just twist together.  

5 minutes or less. Done.