Chasing Davies: July 2009

July 31, 2009

Mad Men Youself

Have you Mad Men'd yourself yet?

Try it here.

Me as a Mad Men character, 50s Swankiness

With a Mad Man

July 29, 2009

The Rachel Zoe Project

Is anyone else excited for the 2nd season of The Rachel Zoe Project?? I was hooked to the first one, and ready to be sucked in again on Monday, August 24th @ 10/9c!

I love seeing all the beautiful gowns and vintage pieces Rachel Zoe collects and dresses starlets in. Zoe's accessories and style are also inspiring.

Season Two - The team:

Season One Pics:
Love, love that white coat...

She takes us to the runway!

Accessory queen! Love the layers of necklaces...

Did anyone watch the first season? What did you think about it, pint size Rachel, her squabbling assistants, Taylor's hard-rocker look...???

Photos from

July 28, 2009

High School Reunion - Accessory Help!

The Request:

So my BFF from high school needs help. She wants to wear this dress to the reunion, but needs accessories and shoes to dress it up a bit. She's on a tight budget and doesn't like high heels (I think she would deal with lower heels, wedges or flats). Can you help?
I know that she would be forever in debt to you. I've tried to help, but you have a much better eye for this than I do.

The Dress:
Solid Rayon Pin Tuck Dress in blue
The Answer(s):

Well, no debt needed - I love this stuff! Accessorizing this cute blue dress will really dress it up. Because of the detail on the neck, no necklace is recommended. I also think (depending on the haircut), the hair off the face and shoulders, like model #2, is a good idea to keep the neckline less busy and overall look dressier. This way you can show off your ears...which I think should be adorned with bigger, fun earrings.

Here are some accessory options by themes...

Silver Theme:Forever 21 Pretzel Knotted Bracelet ($6.80) - I think this kind of contrasts with the girly details of the dress for an all around chic mixture.

Forever 21 Eclectic Sequin Earrings ($8.80)

daisy fuentes® Flap-Lock Clutch in ivory from Kohl's ($18) - a white clutch with keep the accessories neutral, yet fun and break-up the silver. This will keep the dress the pop of color.

east5th® 'Carlie' Peep-toe Wedge from JC Penny's ($21.99) - a classic shoe will compliment the statement jewelry.

Add fun nail color - like a light or bright blue, like Essie's Barbados Blue.

This look will be very cool and classy. Silvers, whites and blues go very nicely together and it's easy to find accessories in these hues.

Gold Theme:
Urban Outfitter Kimchi Blue Long Croco Clutch in Gold ($19.99)

Charlotte Russe
Filigree Circle Earrings ($4) - I bet these will catch the light really well too!

Forever 21 Jinny Floral Ring ($7.80) - Instead of a bracelet, a big cocktail ring would be fun!

DV by Dolce Vita Women's Dedra Sandal ($36.36) through - Free Shipping, even Overnight! A nice sandal with a little wedge lift.

Add a bit of color on your nails - try a warm pink, like Essie's cut as a button.

This theme will really warm up the dress and add a touch of brightness to it without too much color. Also, using gold will dress up the look really easily.

Burst of Color Theme:
Forever21 Fancy Rhinestone Hinge Bracelet ($8.80)

daisy fuentes® Turn-Lock Clutch in green from Kohl's ($18) - I love this color and it will really pop against the blue dress!

Forever21 Faceted Tear Drop Earrings ($2.80) - this pretty blue looks great next to the darker blue of the dress, and is also in the bracelet.

Madden Girl Women's Motif Strappy Sandal ($36.64) through (same free shipping as above) in Gold (or the blue if you aren't afraid of color).

Polish your nails with a subtle color - like a nude, or light pink since you'll have on bright accessories here, like Essie's Delicacy.

I love the mixture of colors. That bracelet is my favorite. If you find a bright multi-colored jewelry piece, you can pull colors out of it for other pieces - like the ears and shoes. A purse is always a great area to add a great pop of color.

I think option #3 - the Burst of Color Theme might be my fav... What about everyone else? What's your favorite theme for this lovely blue dress?

New Haircut

Inspiration...The Long Bob (LOB)

I got SIX inches cut off! I would show a before picture, but it was soooo bad. Hadn't even been TRIMMED since November...I know, bad.
Photo taken via take it for what you will.

July 27, 2009

Gap Love

It's been awhile since I've shopped at Gap... But this weekend a friend and I popped in there and we were surprisingly in love with a few things!

Keeping my eye on...

Floral empire waist dress, and as Fall approaches, how cute would this be with a striped cardigan or striped undershirt layered, like the striped/floral mixture I posted about earlier this month...

Colored denim pencil skirt in squash

Ruffle-trimmed cardigan - I love the ruffle peeking out at the bottom. I bet I could add a chiffon ruffle to an already owned cardi...

Shrunken schoolboy blazer

Lightweight floral scarf

Have you shopped at Gap lately? What do you like there now?

Shoe of the Day - Red Flats for Fall

Thinking about Fall and the cooler weather.... I think these cute red flats would be a great addition to any Fall wardrobe! - Paddington Ballet Flats ($28)

Shoes on Canvas

I just adore these two prints by Janet Hill Studio. Check out her Etsy shop for more paintings.

July 24, 2009

Denver Review

So it took me all week for this post, but wanted to dedicate this to last weekend's travels to Denver. I've been to CO many, many times. And now I'm lucky to have a good friend that lives there that I can go visit whenever!

My weekend in pictures:

Beautiful Denver sunset - from downtown Denver

Hiking in Boulder, CO - Shanihan Trail

Shanihan Trail had wonderful scenery and flowers...

Best Ice Cream ever...Little Man Ice Cream (Gelato and Sorbet too)
LoDo (West of Downtown in Lower Highlands)

Downtown Denver bar: Front Door
On Saturdays, they pick 2 names and if your name is one of them, you get to drink for free. This night was Emily night! Emily, our Denver hostess.

Fishing down the Colorado River in the Rocky Mountains.
We started at Pumphouse, about 1.5 hours west of Denver in then Mountains.

Overall, an amazing, yet too-short, trip! Denver comes highly recommended on my list. Beautiful with SO much to do! Hiking, floating, kayaking, fishing, white water rafting, biking, great restaurants, fun atmosphere to go out in downtown Denver, Boulder unique shops and festivals, etc.

Have you been to Colorado, besides to ski? What did you do?

July 23, 2009

Shoe of the Day - T-Strap Sandal

I.Love.These.Shoes. NineWest's Snooks T-Strap Sandal in light gold and natural leather must find a home...on my feet. The 4" heel scares me, but the supported foot might help keep the foot stable and more comfy??

A Staple, A Must, A Black Cardigan.

Dearest Alli has lost her beloved black cardi. That is a staple must-have, right? is what she wants:

Hey Meg! I was wondering if you wanted to help me out!! I lost my black cardigan this weekend and need a cheaper one that i can wear open, closed, with a belt, etc. either short sleeved or 3/4 length sleeve. Thanks :)

Here's what I've found.

1. V-Neck, 3/4 sleeve from Alloy ($9.99!)
2. Mossimo® Black: Puff Sleeve Cardigan - Black (17.48)
3. Women's Tie-Front Pointelle Cardigans from Old Navy ($19)
5. Mac and Jac Shawl Cardigan from Macy's ($39.50)
6. Cotton pointelle cardigan sweater by VS ($29)

Amazing Jewelry

Thanks to Coley's Closet Cravings for posting a fabulous pair of earrings, it led me to this amazing online jewelry shop - Amrita Singh.

Some pieces that caught my eye...

Marquis Flower BangleShelter Island RingNello Earrings: CCC posted these

Crystal Necklace with Pearl Drops

There is much much all different price points. Check it out. What are your favorite pieces from here?

July 22, 2009

Melissa's "It's My Bag, Baby" Feature

Check out Melissa Loves for a peek inside my bag, which was featured on this week's It's My Bag, Baby!
And stay around awhile, because she has a great blog going...

The Heart of J. Crew

Read about Jenna Lyons, the creative director of J. Crew, here. She's the heart and soul of JCrew, with a fabulous sense of style and office space.

More shots of Jenna in her works space - which is bright, eye-catching and inspiring, just as her outfits.

She was also voted top 10 best dressed by back in December. I love how her lip color pops.

Her space was featured on last November's Domino cover (I miss Domino...).

You can bid on copies of Domino through ebay, including this one.

Cookie Mag interview about all things from being a mom to her guiltiest pleasures.

Video Interview with Jenna - J Crew: The Business of Style
She talks about how exciting and wonderful it is that Michelle Obama is a fan, gives an overview of the day in the life of a Creative Art Director of JCrew, and the video shows her office space and projects.

Jenna overload? Never...

July 21, 2009

DIY: Gift Wrap

In this era of being green - recycling, reducing and reusing - I do my part, and spice up a gift with a unique flare, by reusing my magazines to create gift wrap. I recently gave a friend a birthday gift covered in brightly colored ads, cute boys, funny cats and beachy scenes.

Here's how I created this too-cute to open package:

1. Grab a stack of old magazines that you don't mind ripping out some ads and pretty pictures. Get to work by tearing (as gently as possible to keep the edges smooth - or just use scissors to smooth them out) out pages that match a colors or a theme, or just appeal to you!

2. Depending on the size of the package, tape the magazine sheets ripped out together to form wrapping paper. And then wrap as normal, tapping where needed.

To make a bow-replaced topper:

1. Cut strips of ads about 1-1.5 inches thick and at 5 inch lengths.

2. Use 4 strips at about 5 inches long (depending on how much room you have on top of your gift), make 2 X's and pillow tape down. This is the first layer.

3. To make the next layer, use 4 of the same strips of paper and fold each one in half (doesn't need to be perfectly in half or centered). Pillow tape the folded paper together and tape to base of bow.

4. The 3rd layer, cut 2-4 of the 5" long strips in half (depending on how full you want it). Then fold those 4-8 strips in half and pillow tape to the center of the bow, pointing all different directions.

5. Bend the pieces up and fold towards the middle so they appear more fluffy and stand up.

And there you have a very cute, unique and fun package to give a gift in. And I feel greener by the minute!

What do you do with your old magazines? Do you have any good ideas for reusing them?

Shoe of the Day - Black Heels for Laura

UPDATE! I have to add this super cute pair of black 2 1/2" heels I just stumbled upon! Adorable. Caparros Hendrix Heels ($69)Laura is 5'10", and loves heels. She loves fun and trendy shoes; shoes with something interesting to offer and, at the same time, can be standard go-to shoes. She needs basic, but cute black heels that can be worn out on the town with jeans, or to a wedding with a nice dress.

But the hardest part of all, she needs these to not be 4" tall, since she's already got the height.

She's asked me to assist her in finding cute, affordable black heels, under 4" my shoe(s) of the day are black shoes with mid-height heel options:

1. Peep-Toe, AK Anne Klein Women's Portia Pump ($68.95)
2. Nine West Women's Levin T-Strap Pump ($79.95)
3. Floral Embellishment, Caparros Women's Cameo Platform Slingback ($32.58)
Lauren Ralph Lauren Women's Darlene Dress Wedge ($62.44)
Aerosoles Ventriloquist T-strap black sandal ($59.99); I posted the white version before and still love it in black. Maybe not as dressy of a shoe though.
6. Naturalizer Whitmore black sling-back peep-toe heel ($39.99)
JONES NEW YORK Diggory T-Strap Sandal ($49.95)
8. AK Anne Klein Women's Happy Pump ($79.95)
9. J. Renee Nicolette Strappy Peep-toe Pump ($78.35)

Hopefully there is something in here that works!

Any other tall ladies out there? What kind of shoes do you wear?