Chasing Davies: Denver Review

July 24, 2009

Denver Review

So it took me all week for this post, but wanted to dedicate this to last weekend's travels to Denver. I've been to CO many, many times. And now I'm lucky to have a good friend that lives there that I can go visit whenever!

My weekend in pictures:

Beautiful Denver sunset - from downtown Denver

Hiking in Boulder, CO - Shanihan Trail

Shanihan Trail had wonderful scenery and flowers...

Best Ice Cream ever...Little Man Ice Cream (Gelato and Sorbet too)
LoDo (West of Downtown in Lower Highlands)

Downtown Denver bar: Front Door
On Saturdays, they pick 2 names and if your name is one of them, you get to drink for free. This night was Emily night! Emily, our Denver hostess.

Fishing down the Colorado River in the Rocky Mountains.
We started at Pumphouse, about 1.5 hours west of Denver in then Mountains.

Overall, an amazing, yet too-short, trip! Denver comes highly recommended on my list. Beautiful with SO much to do! Hiking, floating, kayaking, fishing, white water rafting, biking, great restaurants, fun atmosphere to go out in downtown Denver, Boulder unique shops and festivals, etc.

Have you been to Colorado, besides to ski? What did you do?