Chasing Davies: What I'm getting my kids for Christmas!

November 26, 2019

What I'm getting my kids for Christmas!


So many gift guides, so little time. I just hand my kids the toy catalogs (Target is a long time fav, and this year, the Amazon sent a toy catalog) and let them circle away. I, of course, balance with things I think they need and would love, and they don't get everything (not even half!) of what they circle.

So instead of a gift guide, per se, I'm sharing what we're getting our kids in case it gives you any ideas for your own kids, nieces/nephews, grandkids, other kiddos in your lives!

For reference, my kids are in kindergarten and 2nd grade! 

They are both (unbeknownst to them) wanting the following items:

My daughter, who is baby crazy and loves anything "so cute" is liking:

My son is pretty predictable with a few curve balls (a new love for cars):

And then a few things I throw in because they NEED them and will thank me later (like when their feet aren't cold):

I linked to all the lowest prices (so varies between Amazon and Target mostly).  What are YOU getting for your kids?

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