Chasing Davies: Favorite Wears: $30 Amazon Pleated Skirt

November 18, 2019

Favorite Wears: $30 Amazon Pleated Skirt

I'm a long-time lover of pleated skirts! I have several in all different colors - and until finding THIS ONE, my go-to place was J.Crew for much more expensive versions.  Now, don't get me wrong, they serve a purpose and I still love those (I'll do a separate post soon to showcase my newest J.Crew pleated skirt), but this one is under $30, comes in tons of colors, is lined and totally comfortable. 

I really could see myself owning this in every color... but I'm going to try to refrain for that (not enough closet space!). I got this brownish-copper color because it was very different then any other skirt I had and envision wearing it with black. But this particular day, I was working for a bit at a coffee shop that is literally within a tree and plant nursery and just felt I need to soften the look up a bit.

For those in Kansas City area, you must check out Cafe Equinox within the Family Tree Nursery in Shawnee, KS. They serve Thou Mayest coffee, baked goods from local bakeries and have tons of work space and collaboration tables throughout the nursery to work amongst the chlorophyll. 

It was such a calming way to work, and I swear I felt lighter and more alert. I will make it habit to work out of this space whenever possible. And of course, coming home with a few new plants is never bad, right?!

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