Chasing Davies: Girls trip to Healdsburg, CA

September 2, 2019

Girls trip to Healdsburg, CA

Wine tasting in sunny California, yes please! A pool and wonderful meals, icing on the cake! All this with some of the best girls, jackpot.  Almost a full year prior, we planned this girls trip and then waited and anticipated.  Over the years, all our husbands have gone on grad adventures for their bachelor parties, while we mostly stayed local - so it was our turn to live it up for a long weekend.

So we decided wine country is where it was at, and after looking for houses to house us all and wineries we'd be excited about, we landed on Healdsburg, CA (a new part to wine country to me, which is just north and a little west of Sonoma and Napa).  This was a great town! Tons of amazing wineries and restaurants with the cutest little downtown to walk around.

The full itinerary is below, day by day - but here are the highlights with the absolute must-dos if you find your self coming to this area (and you should!).

RestaurantsValette (get the scallops), Oakville Grocery and Barndiva
Wineries:  Farrari CaranoBella Vineyards & Wine CavesLe Crema and Williamson Wines
Massages/Spa ServicesRoyal Care Lifestyle

Day One:

After flying mid-morning to midday to get to wine country, we checked into our Airbnb home (with a pool!), we relaxed a bit before heading out to dinner.   These are some really happy faces after one of the best meals of my life. We went to Valette for dinner after lots of research and group voting - and it did not disappoint!   

You have to go to this restaurant, and you have to get the scallops - not scratch that, you have to get TWO of the scallops in the appetizer/starter section. They come with two big ones, and you'll be licking your plate. They cook them in a pan with puff pastry over top that then turns into the bowl at the table. They add caviar, fennel squid ink, and beurre blanc over top - and other special ingredients that just turn this into something you've never had before.

Day Two:

  This was the big day - the day of winery hopping! We lined up an awesome limo van to transport us all around. We carefully mapped out our four stops to start furthest away and work our way back to our house. We even scheduled a lunch stop in there at the Oakville Grocery (amazing sandwiches and coffee drinks).  After a full day of wine tasting, we ended the day with heavy apps and charcuterie trays back at the house at the pool.  It was a wonderful day and evening.

Our winery day order:

1. Farrari Carano - We started the day here, and I'm so glad we did. We got there early enough to where it was not crowded yet (and goin winery hoping on a weekday helps!). This winery has beautiful, amazing grounds at every turn. I could not get over the view. They had a bubbly red wine that I loved, and was especially good with their cherry chocolates. :)

2. Bella Vineyards & Wine Caves - This was our second stop and not too far from Farrair Carano. We loved experiencing the cave for a very different feel. The wine was good and the cave gave us a break for the sun starting to warm up.

(break for lunch at Oakville Grocery)

3. Simi Winery - Being our 3rd stop, I don't remember the details very much. I took a slight break from wine and ran through their beautiful vineyards instead. ;)

4. Le Crema - We were all excited about this one since it's wine we drink back here in the midwest. I get this brand at Costco all the time. It's my favorite low to mid priced wine; their Pinot Noir is amazing. In the tasting room, they also sell candles, which is a great way to bring a bit of the experience home.

Day Three:

Our last full day together and coming off a full day of drinking the day before... we were smart and planned for this. We had Royal Care Lifestyle come to our house to set up shop for massages on the pool deck. They had table warmers and all, which felt great against the cool morning. This allowed us to have a slow morning with some extra pampering.

But the wine tasting wasn't over yet.  We headed to downtown Healdsburg for Williamson Wine - and this is one of my favorite experiences of the trip! They have a great tasting experience - matching the wine with cheeses, nuts and jellies/mustards. It was all so good, many of walked away with an order of wine (and their own mustard!) to which I'm anticipating!

Afterwards, we had lunch nearby and then some of us (including me!) went back to the house for a nap, while some stayed out to hit up another winery.  That evening, we gathered back together for one last super amazing dinner. We went to Barndiva for a really epic meal.

And that was a wrap!

I went home with a full belly, fun memories and more wine on the way. Thanks to my gal pals for all they did to pull this together (together I think we really nailed it). For more long weekend trip options, check out Great Value Vacations!

Some of the outfit pieces worn:

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