Chasing Davies: My 10 Favorite Beauty Products/Tools Under $10!

March 1, 2019

My 10 Favorite Beauty Products/Tools Under $10!

In the last few years, I've started to splurge on higher end skin care and beauty products, but I only want to pay for quality when I needed it, and not all products need to cost that much to be quality.  I've rounded up my favorite products that are $10 or under!

1. I have gotten to the point where I only wash my hair every 5 (or so) days, which saves me so much time and my hair feels healthier. But on day 3, 4 and 5... I definitely need some extra help to perk my locks up and, especially in the summer, rid extra oil. I've used a lot of dry shampoos - but my favorite is Dove Dry Shampoo.  It smells great, doesn't leave any residue and works!

P.S. Not under $10, but my favorite curling iron for the last 10 years.

2. My new favorite hair tool is this scalp massager that I use in the shower to really work my shampoo into my scalp. It feels so good, and since I've been using it, I feel like my hair has grown more than typical.

3. In the winter, my skin get so dry - and even more so when I'm traveling (which is a lot). I've recently started carrying around this Olay Hydrating Face Mist to add moisture to my face when needed most (on the go), and I love it.  This would be great to keep in your car, purse, travel carry-on, desk at work, gym bag... on and on!

4. And speaking of winter... my skin is needs tons of extra love these days! After many different seasons of winter, I've landed on Vaseline Essential Healing lotion as my go-to.

5. Ever since my kids were babies with diaper rash, I found Bag Balm to be the best for their chapped bums. Because it's not explicitly for bums, I started using it on all their chapped skin - and even mine! It is the best, hands down, treatment for dry and chapped skin.  Every household must have a tin of this at home.

6. I use a ton of different wipes - keeping them in my bedside drawer, my gym bag and even in my car. You never know when you will need to clean up!  The one I love for my face (and I use it everywhere else, too) is Aveeno Positively Radiant wipes because they don't sting or dry out my face.

7. Ever since becoming a mom, my under eyes have been suffering.  I've tried a ton of products to combat the dark moody color, and thus far (for the past 7 years) my favorite is this Maybelline dark circle eraser and brightener.

8. I love, love this green BB cream that helps smooth out my skin tone. My skin tends to pull out red, and the green counteracts that, plus the BB cream goes on smooth to allow for me to either build upon that (like with foundation for extra coverage) or just run with that (when I don't need as much coverage).

9. I replaced my standard loofah after reading about what could be growing and lingering in all those nooks and crannies with a silicone body wash brush - and haven't looked back. It took a few showers to get used to it, but I love it now, and don't worry about the cleanliness. Plus, the brush like structure helps exfoliate!

10. I have always loved Dove body wash, because it doesn't strip my skin, but I especially love the foaming body wash with my silicone body brush. The suds up great, and I can cover my full-body (with shaving) with 2-3 pumps!  More importantly, I feel hydrated after the shower instead of stripped dry.

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What are YOUR favorite $10 or under beauty products?

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