Chasing Davies: A Simple Morning Waffle Bar & Netflix!

March 4, 2019

A Simple Morning Waffle Bar & Netflix!

Instead of movie night with popcorn, we turned a Sunday morning into waffles and Netflix!  You would have thought I just filled our house with Legos, LOL dolls and puppies when I broke out the Eggos and Reddi-Wip for a waffle bar. It's moments like this that makes me remember that it's the simple things in life that bring so much joy to children. 

The waffle bar allowed for each kid to choose their own waffle kind and top it however they wanted. I love when I can give my kids the freedom of choice.  And I also love when we can all find a fun show that has a positive message and instills inclusion, problem solving and friendship. Nora got us all hooked on "Spirit Riding Free" on Netflix,  and it was the perfect morning compliment to our Sunday waffle bar party.  The series is about a girl named Lucky who moves to a new town, makes new friends, and has new experiences, stepping outside of her comfort zone. And shows how she has all she needs within herself!

We often make our own waffles, but I have to tell you... shopping at Walmart for Eggos allowed us to purchase multiple varieties for more options, and gave us more time to spend together eating and watching Spirit (check out these show-themed activities!).  The Eggos toast to golden perfection in just minutes, and are warm, fluffy and delicious! I also really excited my kids with Reddi-Wip as part of our spread, and I personally was excited to try the non-dairy version made with high-quality coconut cream.  Reddi-Wip uses less hydrogenated oils than other frozen whipped toppings, so that makes me feel good.

After this sweet morning, I vow to do more surprise and delight type things with my kids more often. Celebrating the everyday and spending time together.

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