Chasing Davies: Happy 6th Birthday, Liam!

December 13, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday, Liam!


SIX!!!  Before you know it, I'll be saying he's headed off to college and crying my eyes out (do I say this every year?). This has been a BIG year for Liam (and us). He started Kindergarten and has been learning all the things so fast!  He's figuring out his emotions - what frustration is when he is learning new, hard things. He's learning patience when his sister wants all the attention. He's responsible for things - like homework, and as a now-6 year old, he'll be taking on even more (like cleaning up his dang toys!). It's hard to be a kid!

And he's like a real human-being at this point. I can have full on conversations with him, hang out with him and laugh, play games, chit-chat, watch movies, cuddle, etc etc. It's bittersweet to see my baby become a big kid - a friend of mine. I like him a lot.  He's very sweet and caring at the end of the day, and I'm so proud of that. 

His sister absolutely LOVES him. He is her favorite human. She gets so excited when he gives her attention and whenever she sees him. I know little sisters can be so annoying at times (especially since Nora knows all of Liam's buttons to push....), but I know he loves her, too. ;) . Even if he doesn't always admit it.  They've really taken to playing with each other a lot this last year. They will entertain themselves playing games (like boardgames and playing school) - and they love to pair up together to trick us (parents).

Liam has the BEST laugh. His big smile and laugh reveals his new teeth coming in. For the longest time this last year it was missing one or both of his front teeth. Now that his big teeth are coming in, he looks even older!  He's playing adding on to his sports (basketball this winter, baseball this coming spring) - but still LOVES soccer.  He loves to play sports in the backyard when it's nice out.  One of my favorite traits is that he's always up for an adventure! 

I just can't believe he's already 6. I love you, Liam!

 Happy Birthday to my big kid! I love you!

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