Chasing Davies: Favorite Wears: Summer Work Wear

July 10, 2017

Favorite Wears: Summer Work Wear


This particular Monday is going to be brutal. Coming off of a week long vacation, over a holiday, with two young kids on the road, and a ton going on back at work (is there ever a good time to take a vacation??), I know I'm going to pay for it today.  

But, vacation is always worth it - especially family trips. As happy I am to get my kids back on a schedule (and to not share a room with them), I enjoyed the extra time with them - especially experiencing new things.  My own family was also with us (my mom, dad and sister), which helped a ton (more adults to kids is always the way to go), but it was wonderful spending lots of quality time with them, too.  I'll have more on our trip coming up soon!

So, now as I wash all my vacation clothes, I'm sharing a favorite summer work look here today.  I could wear white for every occasion all summer long (except a wedding of course...), and I love this more professional looking style for the office. This particular dress is sold out, but sharing several similar and cute options below!

Shop this look:


P.S. tip to wearing undergarments under white - you actually want to wear nude colored ones, and not white. White on white actually can show through, but nude blends right in. This is my favorite nude bra!

 Photos by the talented Elizabeth of Elizabeth Ladean Photography.  
She shoots portraits, engagements/weddings and lifestyle sessions all around Kansas City.  You can follow here on Facebook here and on Instagram here to see more of her work!

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