Chasing Davies: Mamas & Minis Collective: Versitale Summer Sandals

June 29, 2017

Mamas & Minis Collective: Versitale Summer Sandals

Versatile anything when it comes to kids, but when it comes to MY kids - versatile shoes for sure. They wear theirs out so fast, and this sweet/sassy girl of mine is ultra picky.  Because she's a tomgirl (or is it tomboy?), off stomping in any puddle and always running through the mud if given the smallest option, I also need ones that clean up easily.  But I can really say the same for me, too.  Somehow I got through this day wearing all white without a stain though!

I love white (um, obviously...) for summer and these white Birkenstocks are on their second summer. I still love them. I literally just wipe them down with water and a paper towel every month or less (as needed) and they are as good as new.  Salt Water Sandals for kids are also known for durability and to be worn in and out of the water (perfect for all the puddles!).

Quick note - this dress is one SALE!  I love a pretty white dress that has detail on it, plus sleeves!  Nora's cute romper & swimsuit are from last year, but I've linked some similar ones below - as with her sunnies.

Shop our looks here:

These are just some of our favorite summer sandals - but here are a few other brands and styles that help us get by (for both toddlers and women):

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