Chasing Davies: Holiday Gift Guide for Kids!

November 25, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids!


Kids might be the most FUN to shop for - it's a chance to get things that you might even want to paly with (or help play with), or a chance to get them something that will light up their eyes.  But my biggest issue is finding them stuff that they'll like for longer than a day, and that won't just be more stuff laying around my home.  I even did a toy storage overhaul not too long ago - but now it's just time to clean out the stuff they don't play with!

Here are some ideas for some kid toys that will light up their eyes and also have staying power:

1. Coloring is an every age, always-fun and especially great for quiet times. My kids love to even take crayons on the go (road trips, restaurants...) and these cute crayon pouches can be your kiddos personal stash, and it's easy to roll up and put them away or take them with you!

2. My kids see me taking photos of them all the time, and have caught the bug.  This digial kid camera (photo & video with fun boarder options) is perfect for little budding photographers (and for giving mom her phone back...).

3. Keep 'em busy and then put it all away - that's the name of the game, and the goal in my house. Play tends to end up alllll over my floor instead, so I'm especially loving this play suitcase that has a magnet board, white board and chalk board, plus folds up to hold all the contents inside!

4. A cute, retro kitchen that I don't mind having to stare out every day.  My kiddos can spend all day in a play kitchen. This is an excellent big ticket holiday gift.

5. Playing & learning is the best combo. My 5 year old has just gotten a bit more into science and his curiosity is blooming. I love this microscope set for encouraging curiosity an discovery!

6. Play food for that play kitchen that makes learning and sorting colors fun!

7. Crafting is never a bad idea - and I love these little Seedling craft kits for my littles. This custom jet plane kit would be perfect for any little soul who loves to zoom around the house.

8. Fun animal tights are both functional and adored by littles.

9. Kids can see things in a whole new way with these binoculars.

10. The gift of the season! This cool robot catapillar (or code-a-pillar) helps build critial problem solving skills. Kids connect the different segments to get the catapillar to go the direction they want.

What are YOUR kid gift ideas??
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