Chasing Davies: Happy Halloween from Batman & the Ice Cream Cone with Tentacles

October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween from Batman & the Ice Cream Cone with Tentacles


Happy Halloween!!  This year's  festivities really snuck up on me!  I just ended my 3 weeks of straight travel last night and and awoke this morning to one pumped up boy! Liam has been really excited about this year's Halloween for the last month.   He has been the sole reason our house is even remotely decorated.  He's had any and every adult that's come through our home in October helping him make Halloween decorations.  We have toilet paper ghosts hanging from our chandelier, construction paper ghosts, black cats and pumpkins on the walls, and paper plate spiders on our tables.   He's already requested that next year we decorate the outside.... Being that it's his "favorite holiday" - he picked out his own costumer, which he was really excited about.  He was, of course, Batman.  

On the other hand, Nora has been "eh" on the holiday and whole idea of dressing up. She was nonchalant about her costume selection of an ice cream cone, and come this morning when it was time to get in her ice cream cone for her school party - she declared she was going to be a butterfly instead.  Since I hadn't prepped for that, I scrambled to find her fairy wings and made some tentacles out of pipecleaners.  After school, she was back to feeling noncommittal on her costume for trick or treating - and at one point, she was an ice cream cone with tentacles!

Last year they were Little Red Riding Hood and and Marshal from Paw Patrol. It's crazy to see how much they've grown in just one year! So fast!

 We had dinner with our neighbors and Liam's very good friend, Paul.  It was super warm - so we had pizza and fruit on the patio. After dinner, Nora decided that she didn't want to be a butterfly anymore and went back to her original costume of an ice cream cone!  We then went trick or treating around our neighborhood!  Each kiddo got a pretty nice sized bag of candy.  Our neighbor had the great idea to allow her kiddos to turn in their bag of candy for a toy instead.

We told our kids they could do the same (and then we'll seal up the candy and use it towards trick or treating next year!) - so they got to have one piece tonight and pick out some of the healthier treats to keep.  We'll see how the trade in goes tomorrow!

 Next year - I want to do a family costume! It'll probably revolve around whatever Liam and Nora want to be - and of course, them agreeing on something coordinating will probably not workout - but it's a goal at least! :)  Did you have any good family costumes this year?? 

What were your kids' costumes this year?

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