Chasing Davies: Beauty Essentials: 5 Ways to Care for your T-Zone

March 2, 2016

Beauty Essentials: 5 Ways to Care for your T-Zone

Skincare Tips for the T zone or Combination Skin

I've always known I have had combination skin, and to make that even more difficult, my skin also changes seasonally - making it hard to figure out or get into a consistent routine.  Just as I was getting my skin under control, the season changes, throwing me for a loop.

I struggle with adult acne, dry and oily patches, red blotchiness and the start of some sun spots.  Isn't aging fun?  It all seemed overwhelming - so when I was invited to visit bare | med spa in Leawood, Kansas I was excited/nervous to talk to someone way more experience than I about how to tackle my skin. And Tina blew my mind. She was full of knowledge and quickly helped me break down the issues with my skin, how I can better manage and without the purchase of a million new expensive products (my first fear upon visiting a med spa).

I actually loved this experience, because it was like visiting your dermatologist, but at the spa.  It was all that a spa has to offer - relaxing and soothing, but educational and informative.  So, here is what I learned how to take care of my skin - and the ever popular and mean-spirited T-Zone:

1. Don't touch your face!  I know - duh, but if you pay attention throughout the day, you probably touch it a lot more than you think!  This means even when you're applying products, even, or at least try to limit your fingers on your face.  So, make sure to invest in good facial brushes (I love IT brushes for Ulta) - and, hey! Maybe there is something to Kylie Jenner's use of the Artis Elite Oval 10 face & body brush after all.

2. Change up your face wash (and products!) by season - right now in the winter/cooler season,  I need something with a little bit of cream base (it shouldn't get to sudsy). This helps keep my skin from drying out, and then come summer - I can use more of a sudsy wash (like Purity, which is what I was using all year around...).  These suds strip the oil, and in the summer when I have more excess it won't dry me out like it is now.

3.  Visit a med spa, like the bare med spa if you are in the Kansas City area, that will give you a customized facial based on what you need at that time!  There isn't a one-size fits all or cookie cutter programs, and it's hard for you to determine what you need on your own - leave it to the expert!  Find someone you trust - and visit as regular as you can, whether that be monthly or quarterly or twice a year!

4. Use Coconut Oil to remove makeup and spot-hydrate, but avoid your T-zone/oily areas.  I have moved my coconut oil from my kitchen to my bathroom for ever since my first facial at bare med spa.  And it helps!  

It's also really easy to control where you apply it - so I avoid my forehead, nose bridge and chin.  I love rubbing around eyes to remove makeup gently, and apply to dry spots like my cheeks (or even my body skin - like elbows!!).

5. You don't actually need a ton of expensive products or a 10-step process - the main recommendation my aesthetician gave me was to use Vitamin D serum daily! And look for over the counter products that are right for you. I've been LOVING the bareMinerals new SkinSorials line and include some of their that match my needs as part of my 3-step process:

- Cleanse with hydrating & acne-control products
- Anti-Aging with serums
- Hydrate with gels or creams

Because I also still (after all these years...) deal with acne - I use the bareMineral Blemish Remedy Acne Treatment Gelee Cleanser, usually alternating with my CeraVe hydrating cleanser.  And then I use the Vitamin D serum at night, and use the bareMinerals SkinLongevity Vital Power Infusion and True Oasis Oil-Free Replenishing Gel Cream most mornings and nights.

I also love bareMinerals make-up, which has SPF (sun protection) baked in, which is also super important to the health of your skin. Their foundation and tinting products also do a great job ant lightly covering my face without clogging my pores + their products always come with coordinating brushes so you don't have to worry about touching your face! I think the Armani foundation deserves an honorable mention as well.
Skincare Products for your Tzone or combination skin

My favorite products:

What are your tips for combating your T-Zone or taking care of combination skin??

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