Chasing Davies: Mama/Daughter Style Series: New Year, Matching Coats

January 7, 2015

Mama/Daughter Style Series: New Year, Matching Coats

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. It's always a little depressing when it's over - and then it's just cold, so I'm glad I have this space to help keep me inspired! I'm also excited to share the third installment of the Mama/Daughter Style Series where Nora and I start off the new you with a bang in matching coats. I just now need to find her a baby faux-fur snood to really matchy-matchy (she'll love this when she's older, I certain).

Truth be told, outfitting my children in coats is really difficult.  If they're too big and puffy, they don't fit in the carseats (you're not supposed to loosen the straps!).   This jacket is great because it's thin enough that I can still buckle her in, but the issue is, it's not warm enough for the start of our coldest part of winter.  So, I'll probably throw a blanket in the car for now... Any thing specific you guys do with little carseat-babes and keeping warm?

Shifting subjects - I have mentioned Twice before (HERE), but wanted to share an update!  I sold a big bag of my clothes (in good condition) that I was done with and made about $100. It was really easy - they send you the bag, you stuff it full of their approved brands (women's clothing, shoes and handbags), they pay you for it and sell what they can/donate what they can't. I'm currently stuffing my second bag to ship off in an effort to simplify my closet a bit (and requesting 10 more bags... kidding. Kind of.).
But anywho, I've also been shopping the clothes that go up on their site. Because they only accept premium brands, and items that are in good condition, it's a really awesome selection. I've been completely impressed with the multiple orders I've placed and received from them. They seriously look and feel new, down to the packaging they are sent via. This dress I'm wearing is a Banana Republic dress I got from Twice with the price tag of only about $20 dollars.  So it's a pretty stellar situation for all.  

I hope you can clean our your closet and/or save on some new clothes a bit easier this new year with Twice. And if you're new to Twice and want to give it a try... you can get 50% off your first order!  Just go here and the discount will be waiting for you in your cart (offer good through 1/15)!

{Our Outfit Details: Mama - Coat - oldie from Old Navy (similar options here, here (under $60!), here and here), Cardigan; Banana Republic Dress - c/o Twice credit,  Boots (fav winter accessory!), Faux-Fur Snood (sells out, but pops back - similar options here), Gold Bracelets - Tory Burch for Fitbit tracker & Madewell (on sale, no longer avail - but great options left at an additional 40% off!), Purse - old Steven for Steve Madden (similar here + shop a selection of pink satchels), Lips // Nora - Jacket - Old Navy via secondhand sale (similar here); Heart Dress, Moccasins, Headband}

Then back inside, I spent the rest of my last day on holiday break on the floor playing with the kiddos. This giggly little girl is hard to keep still long enough for a picture - she is squirmy, rolls around, jumps  and swings backwards - she just loves to move all around.  She loves to go upside down, which I love to swing her upside down so I can get a good look at any new teeth poking in - and we discovered she has a 5th tooth making it's way through her gums!

{Those shoes are from Twice, too!!  They are nude J.Crew flats with a leopard toe - and I wear them with everything. They were like $20 in wonderful condition.}

This series is in partnership with buds, Sandy of SandyALaMode.comKacia and Carly of - make sure to check out their posts today to see how they and their sweet daughters are dressing up this new year! 

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