Chasing Davies: Favorite Beauty Products Lately: May 2014

May 28, 2014

Favorite Beauty Products Lately: May 2014

This month's beauty favorite beauty products include a few I'm constantly re-purchasing whenever I run out, a new fav and something my son is getting a lot of use out of!

Let's start with the hair... mine is a frizz ball, especially come summer.  Frizz Ease, Extra Strength Serum is a constant in my medicine cabinet (medicine for my hair...).  I recently went to restock and noticed they revamped their bottles!

Silicone Scar Sheets are a must have for any post-stitch wound!  And perfect for kids... Liam had a little accident and had to get stitches a few months ago, we've been keeping a silicone strip on the area since the stitches dissolve and really seeing the scar start to fade!

Dark Circle Eraser, the brightener shade (slightly pink vs. the skin colors), is my go-to for under my eyes. I was actually out for awhile and really noticed how tired I looked with out it (well, I really am actually tired, but it was evident). 

Super soft, yet provides powerful color for the girl that loves lipstick, but with lips that need a little TLC... Sugar Lip Treatment in Coral by Fresh!

I started using eye lid primer to keep my eyeshadow on for longer, and then I just used it along to even out and brighten up my skin, then I discovered MAC's paint pots that does all that but also has this subtle shimmer color that brightens up my eyes better than anything else.  I slather this on each morning in lieu of anything else (eye shadow, primer).

Tell me what products you've been loving this month?  I would love to discover something new, and might even end up making next month's favorite list!

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