January 17, 2014

Jewelry & Accessory Displayed Organization

I am getting around to slowly, but surely purging, organizing and rearranging my clothes, accessories, shoes and jewelry to make a more workable and less cluttered space. With Nora taking over our last free room (and my last extra closet), I simply am out of space and have too much stuff.  I need to edit, edit, edit, but I'm also space challenged (no walk-in closet over here).  I actually began this process last year by clearing out a lot of my shoes, mainly heels.  Since becoming a mom, I'm just not trotting around in my 3-4 inch stilettos and have moved on to more practical hooves, like wedges, low heels, flats and booties (that space for another day). 

Another area out of control and way more visible, my jewelry & hat stash.  This area resides on my dresser - lumped piles of tangled necklaces, stacked bangles and mismatched earrings.  I own a jewelry dresser, but like the old saying, "out of sight, out of mind," so I mainly keep special occasion or off-season stuff there.  My costume/fun jewelry I pick from for daily outfits always ends up on my dresser, so I decided to make the space for it. Even after editing down and donating some pieces, there is still quite a selection - so it was time to make it as organized and pretty as possible.  Here is what I did:

{Good area to keep your pretty products that you use on a daily basis: Olay Regenerist, Nars lipstick and Grace perfume}
{Kinda obsessed with Kate Spade's stud and drop earrings}
{Silver tray from the kitchen section at Target; Gold and Silver bowls by the Nate Berkus Collection at Target & Gold/Mirrored tray thrifted}
how to organize your hats
glass vases for jewelry organization
necklaces laid out
{Above necklaces, top to bottom: old J.crew; via Ebay (similar & here) and Ily Couture}

With an array of collected metallic, mirrored and clear pieces, I arranged the larger trays on the top of my dresser and then used smaller containers to organize further on top of them.  I had two old clear flower vases that I repurposed to hold bracelets and larger earrings.  A jewelry tree holds a lot of my necklaces and I lay out some of my bigger statement ones out.  Two smaller metal bowls hold my smaller earrings and rings atop a tray.  I took advantage of unused wall space to hang my hats on 3M wall hooks.  

Here are some similar and other great jewelry organizers that would be great on display: 

How do you display and/or organize your jewelry?

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  1. that looks great!! can't wait to hear more about this process. where did you find those cool gold and silver bowls?

  2. I love this! The pretty mirrored trays look gorgeous and are functional, adore;) Also, I wear Amazing Grace perfume as well (I'm obsessed), and Pure Grace lotion. Perfume twins!

  3. This looks great! I wish I could get my jewelry this organized.

  4. I love the way you organized yours. I need more delicate bowls for the rings and earrings. Great ideas!

  5. what a lovely set up and such beautiful pieces! I used to set my hats up in the same way :)

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  6. Awesome tips! You have got do many necklaces :)


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