Chasing Davies: Using those apples: Apple Danish

November 1, 2013

Using those apples: Apple Danish

I'm still using up our apples from our Fall morning spent at the orchards and with a couple guests coming over for brunch last weekend, I had the perfect excuse to try out a new apple recipe. Originally I saw a similar apple danish recipe over at TfDiaries and adapted it a bit for my own enjoyment.
This apple danish is so super easy and perfect for any brunch or breakfast you have this fall (and a great way to use up your abundance of apples).

Ingredients Needed:
About 2-3 medium apples (or I used about 4 small orchard apples), sliced thin
1 tube of Crescent Rolls
About 1/4 cup of Greek Yogurt - vanilla or plain (which I used b/c I didn't have cream cheese, but as this is healthier and turned out great, I'd do it again)
1T of Cinnamon 
1T of Sugar

Pre-oven to 350 degrees and grease baking pan.

First spread out the crescent rolls, pinching the perforated portions together to make more of a solid crust.  Slice about one inch slits about an inch apart along the the sides.  Once the dough is prepared, spread a thin layer of yogurt down the center.  Top with the thinly cut apples.

Sprinkle (or pile on) the cinnamon and sugar pre-mixed over the apple slices and then take your crescent roll sides and wrap over the filling.  Bake until golden - for me it took about 16 minutes (may start with 12 and check on it).

Serve and enjoy! 
What other recipes are you enjoying this fall?

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