Chasing Davies: Final days as an only child...

November 22, 2013

Final days as an only child...

Our sweet boy is in his final days of being our only child... Sure, we talk about the baby coming, but he doesn't really know what is about to happen, and heck, neither do we!  But, I can tell you this:  My Liam made me a mama. That is something that can never be unchanged or downplayed in anyway.

  These last, almost, two years have been filled with firsts, things I've never experienced in my life that have caused me the deepest happiness I've ever felt.  There have been some challenging times, too and I've had to look deep within to guide myself through unchartered waters, but no matter the situation, when I look into his eyes, I can't help but melt. Watching Liam grow (way too fast), seeing myself in him, seeing pieces of my husband in him and getting to know his blooming and evolving personality brings me constant joy and entertainment every day. When Liam is happy, I'm at my happiest.  The joy in my son is the only thing I need to bring a smile to my face at the worst of times.  He has filled my heart in so many ways.  I know that none of this fulfillment will be going away, but instead, my heart will just be growing to allow space for another little, who we can't wait to meet!  I'm sure seeing Liam become a big brother will melt me in all new ways.

There really is no way to fully describe a mother's love.  That is my attempt that doesn't at all do this feeling justice.  I just hope, as things get a little crazy for awhile until we find our bearings as parents of two, that he will feel the deep love that I feel every second of my life for him.
{And thank you fall leaves for providing us with endless amounts of fun!  Liam loves to be outside amongst nature and we've had a lot of fun throwing you around, raking and jumping into big piles of you this season!}

Huge thanks to for sending us this adorable little outfit for Liam.  Have you guys heard of them?  It's basically an awesome retail site geared towards toddlers to kids for parents to easily get full, already styled and on trend outfits for their littles!  When you register, you take a short quiz to help match you to the best outfits that fit your (and your kid's) life and personal style, or you can shop all the looks to pick from yourself!  Each month, they are refreshed to offer you new outfits to choose from.  Bonus, it's an easy way to take all that morning trouble of putting together that day's outfit together when it comes already done for you!  Make sure to check them out and sign up - discount for your first order! {His shoes are from Target}

{My Outfit Details: Jacket - Old Navy (similar); Baseball Tee (under jacket); Maternity Pants - old from Loft; Sneakers}

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