Chasing Davies: 35 weeks along // missing my midsection space

October 29, 2013

35 weeks along // missing my midsection space

I'm really looking forward to having my midsection back - even the gooey one I have in-store.  I am at the point where my pants don't want to stay up, but shirts don't want to stay down.  Last night I was at the grocery store - just popping in for a few things, so I grabbed a basket instead of a cart.  Well, we all know how these things go... those few things multiply fast!  I was wondering around the store with my over stuffed basket growing too heavy for my deteriorating muscles, over-sized purse, could-it-get-any-bigger belly and coordinating waddle when I kept feeling a bit of air on my tummy. With my barely free hand, I was tugging at my shirt every 2 minutes.  

Even my favorite maternity tank (great to add length to non-maternity clothes) can barely contain this bump any longer - it's huge!  I'm so ready to slip on a shirt and have it cover my full midsection, or keep pants up on my hips, or wear a skirt at least a few inches below my bust - oh and not to mention breath a little easier.  This girl is all up in my ribs, just like her brother was making it painful to breath at times.  It is the last month of pregnancy is so testing.  So close, but so far away with the most uncomfortable day always tomorrow.  Four more weeks till we meet this girl.

{Outfit details: Tee; Vest - older version from Old Navy (newer version here); Scarf - old from Target (similar); Old Gap Jogger Jeans; Boots}

{we're all pretty amazed how big this bump is... me making a face at Liam}

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