Chasing Davies: Bathroom clutter reigned in {plus fav beauty products}!

July 25, 2013

Bathroom clutter reigned in {plus fav beauty products}!

As you can see, I don't have the most attractive bathroom around... pepto pink and 1970s stained wood doesn't exactly meet my style standards, but until we get to this room (we've been redoing a room at a time since we moved in almost 4 years ago), it's what I have to work with. That, and with my love for testing new products, all the bottles and containers were getting out of hand, making my bathroom a total disaster zone.  

So, when hello oral care sent me their new line of seriously friendly mouth products (launched just last March), their sleek, counter-worthy design kick started my bathroom organization (that, and overall needing to make room for baby #2).  Not only do their products look cute sitting out on the counter (which I always like my products right were I can see them and remind me to use), but their totally unique and interesting...

My favorite of the hello oral care products is their pink grapefruit toothpaste!  I've never even heard of such a toothpaste flavor, and I love it (even though, I do not like actual grapefruit, mind you).  Get yourself to trying it for yourself with a $2 off coupon by liking their Facebook page (pretty sweet deal).

I organized my loose product bottles with an old hexagon wooden box I'd gotten as the base of a fruit bouquet! It just helped gathering it all into one place.  I moved all my hair products under my sink into a basket of their own (reducing some of the counter clutter) and purged, cleaned & organized my make up unit, a 5-drawer acrylic storage case.  A few of my other favorite products you can see collected now, a bit nicer, in their respective containers: 

Face Stuff:  Neutragena Pink Grapefruit face wash (guess I have a think for pink grapefruit...), my new Eclos Anti-Aging routine (never too young...), also a new product I'm testing out - Seventh Generation (you know them from the all natural cleaning supplies, which I use & love) natural skin boosting serums (they are 100% plant-based and 100% concentrate with a variety of active ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Tamanu, Jojoba, Rosehip and Prickly Pear, depending on the serum purpose - I'm trying Soothing & Hydrating currently).

Makeup Items: Garnier BB Cream (for the days I don't feel like applying a lot of makeup, just slap on this and go), MAC foundations - longwear & matchmaker (for the days I do feel like applying a bit more coverage of my complexion) and the bareMinerals starter kit for the fresh-faced finish.

Hair Care: My hair is wild! I need a lot of products around (I probably don't need thiiiiiis many, but again, love to try different products) to help me tame it. My tried & trues - Sauve Touchable Finish hairspray (seriously, cheap, smells good and great hold; I buy two at a time) + I love their Keratin infused dry shampoo for the days between washing. John Freda's Frizz-Ease line is another go-to for me.  My hair is majorly frizzy (while regular Keratin treatments help, I still use these products): frizz serum after shower applied to damp hair (not pictured, located in my showering bathroom) and straight smoothing cream & styling spray for those days I want to go straight haired. And I've mentioned this product before in my hair tutorials, here & here, but can't reiterate enough, love Bed Head's Some Like It Hot serum for before and after styling!

What are your favorite bathroom organization tips and products?

This post is sponsored via Linqia by hello oral care, though my review and thoughts are my own, in which I'm now hooked to a new oral care product line! Thank you for reading my blog! I love to bring new products that I enjoy or find useful to you all and will do so honestly, sponsored or not.

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