Chasing Davies: 21 weeks along // making room

July 23, 2013

21 weeks along // making room

Oh hey, girl-bump! There you be. Me and you still got 18 weeks to go... so you don't have to be in such a hurry to protrude and get too strong.  Just float on it there and enjoy your fetus-hood.  Here on the outside, we have about a million projects to do and finish before you arrive.  It's a little overwhelming to think about it all.  We have to get Liam transitioned and ready in his new room and to be a big brother.  We need to de-clutter our things to make room for baby girl.  I have been cleaning out  and organizing my closets, which has been a huge feat.  I'll have a few posts coming up with peeks into the progress I've made. 

Lots I have been getting rid to friends, some of it for sale here and lots of donating.  The things definitely staying in my close and relying heavily on, anything midi!  Loving my midi-skirts  and dresses these days, like this bright yellow one left slightly unzipped in back (shhhh....) with my shirt just bloused over the back so you can't see.  Anything to keep wearing my regular clothes as long as possible...

{Outfit Details: Polka Dot Chambray Shirt - Old Navy (similar), Skirt, Shoes (similar)}

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