Chasing Davies: Shoe(s) of the Day: Spring Newbies & Crushes

March 27, 2013

Shoe(s) of the Day: Spring Newbies & Crushes

 I am working on giving my shoe collection a make over. I think I've mentioned this before... but my days of wearing high heels are limited and doesn't suit my lifestyle anymore (that often). I'm keeping my favs or those special occasion numbers, and investing in some flat(ter) shoes that are equally as fun. I'm also trying to balance price with quality.  
These are some new shoes I've added recently, and some I'm still eying... 
Own: (1.) Red Ankle Boots (worn here), (2.) Patent Oxfords (worn here), (4.) Putty Petty Ankle Boots (you will see soon)
Wish List: (3.) Teal Wedges, (5.) Yellow Flat

You might wonder why boots for Spring?  But I love ankle boots for Spring (of course depending on where you live), and think they can be worn with bare legs and add something unexpected to a more summery-look!  
What Spring shoes are you stocking up on?
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