February 5, 2013

My Madewell Spring Favorites

Spring and Fall are two of my favorite seasons (as if there are a ton more to choose from...) because of all the layering you can still do (my favorite thing about winter), yet less bulk (you know my thoughts on coats)!  The only issue is that here in the Midwest, we get approximately 1.5 weeks of each of those seasons. Californians, you are a lucky!

These Madewell new arrival looks are killing it in a totally good way for me. I personally need to get my hands on that versatile white dress as soon as it's available.  And that aztec cardi... need. Fun neon yellow skirt can be worn year around.

You can check out all the spring collection from Madewell here.


  1. Madwell can really just do no wrong! Now if only everything there were $10!

    Love that first sweater and those great purple shorts!

  2. very impressed with madewell. not usually my thing but i am loving both sweaters and the second skirt! excellent finds.


  3. Oh, Madwell....sigh. Do they ever go wrong? Love that aztec print sweater. I need it!


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