November 16, 2012

My thoughts on wearing coats

I love a cute or bold or bright or cozy coat, and I have a closet fullll of them to prove it. But I have a confession to make. I actually hate wearing them! You only really need them for a fraction of the time you have it and then once your out and about they're just a nuisance. Half the time I forget to even put one on in the morning since my car is in the garage.

Keep reading to see my un-coated outfit {and how I can still stay warm}...

Shop this look (check in-store Target for sweater I'm wearing):

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  1. I have a closet full of coats too but luckily I get to wear them a little more because I do so much walking in the city. However, once I get somewhere, my coat does become a bit of a problem because they I take it off and have to carry it. I love your gloves BTW.

  2. I love this sweater! I have been on the hunt for a similar one and I think this one might fit the bill.

    Haute Child in the City

  3. I'm so with you on this one. I love bright coats, coats with cute details, etc, but i HATE wearing coats! I would rather be cold for a bit than lug a coat around all day. I typically go for the sweater coat/shawl instead. And a scarf goes a long way too. :) Happy Friday!!!

  4. Looking fly, Megs! I'll take a vest instead of a coat any day!

  5. LOve this look!I went to Target today, i didn't see that sweater:(


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