February 14, 2013

A Heart for Valentine's Day

 You can't get by visiting Chasing Davies on Valentine's Day sans seeing a heart, right? A big pink heart. Though it does seem less lovey-dovey in neon pink, paired with a neon green skirt and lots of other colors, right? I hope to save all the lovey for my family. 
We plan to just hang at home, spending quality time together since weekday nights are too short and weekends are even shorter. At this stage of Liam's toddlerhood, he's learning something new every day, and I mainly feel like I'm missing it. I just want to soak him all in. 
  ^^ On another note... you guys, I suck at hair. I see cute hair among all you other bloggers out there, and I try to follow tutorials and replica and it ends up like this.  I just need some easy hair ideas - something other than changing my hair part from side to middle and wearing it down. I want to have cute hair styles! Help! If any of you know of easy ideas (or of a hairstylist to come live with me), please let me know!

Shop Hearts:
My outfit details: My heart sweater from J.Crew, skirt from an outlet mall - by Michael Kors (similar), wedges via Piperlime, Collar necklace - Anthropologie, Bracelet - Forever21, Watch - Michael Kors


  1. Great outfit, perfect for Valentine's Day!

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  2. cute look!! :) i totally am with you on the hair!! i need some more ideas for SIMPLE, VERY SIMPLE hair looks! i love what you did w/ the braid! i dont think i could even braid my own hair LOL!

  3. Such a cute outfit. I really liked the color palette. I think your hair is cute, but maybe you could try doing a variation of a bun? They're definitely less time consuming than braids. I just followed you, so please feel free to check out my blog: http://penpaperpad.com.

  4. Love the color combo! Great skirt, sweater, and hair! :)

  5. The colors are great.. and these heart sweaters r totally growing on me!! Hair tutorials are hard on my opinion.. practice has helped me.. but with littlest who has the time

  6. Love that collar necklace! I need to bust out mine one of these days!

  7. Love it all. Cutest sweater and perfect for VDay!


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