Chasing Davies: The not a lot of pressure kind of resolutions

January 1, 2013

The not a lot of pressure kind of resolutions

I'm not a big resolution maker, as I think that word comes with a lot of pressure and failure attached. It's a bit cliche that at the end of every year, we should make these goals for the next year. Why do we need to wait until a new year to start the bettering? 
All the same, I thought about what I want to change in 2013 and here are I am, on the first day of the year, feeling all clean-slate-like and ready to start fresh... Maybe it's the strength in numbers type thing? So many people starting something together?
But, I have a little secret. If you can give your resolutions a test drive before actually starting them, just to make sure they're keepable, you might feel less pressure once you actually start them. You know, for real start them.
So here are my little {new year's} resolutions:

Once Liam turned one year old, I felt like I was hit by a truck. How, how is he already one? How have I been a mom for a year now? Where did the time go and why so fast?  I realized that if the years keep going this fast, he's going to be 18 and heading to college by 2015. 

So, I decided I needed to soak it all in more. My time with Liam is so precious (and too short). My home time needs to be more sacred. Family time needs to be prioritized. So, shut out work, put down the phone, laptop, tablet, turn off the TV (gasp) and and commit to memory. Commit every little detail of Liam and his antics, habits, sounds, movements to memory. Spend more quality time with my husband. Those sort of things.

Edit everything. Clean out the house - my closets (yes plural), the kitchen, the attic, the basement. Clean it out and donate. De-clutter.  All the stuff is making me crazy, completely giving me anxious.  My husband and I are one stuffed room away from being on the show hoarders and I've caught myself saying, "but what if I need it someday" all too many times.

I've been feeling the need for this change for awhile now (baby stuff has a way to make you feel closed in even more than the already), but it was a couple very close college friends over one afternoon over holiday break to really wake you up.  

My friend went to borrow a belt from my closet and came back feeling overwhelmed by it's appearance and surroundings. I think I saw myself in her at that moment, the way I feel every morning getting ready or every time I have to do laundry or put it away. I recognized that look and then realized this chaos I felt was not normal or the way it had to be. 

My husband and I actually got a jump start on this resolution and cleaned out a big portion of our closets and attic. We donated 7 giant trash bags, 4 shopping bags and 1 large box of stuff along with 3 tube-TVs before the year's end (you know, tax credit).  We still have more to clean out, but the head start makes me feel motivated!

This one is probably the most cliche resolution of them all. Sure. I want to be more organized, who doesn't?  But with the editing of the stuff comes a clearer path to organizing and I am actually kind of excited to follow the Real Simple Year of Organized Living challenge (I don't know if they are calling it a challenge, but I am). 

Real Simple is one of my favorite magazines to get - has a bit of everything I love (fashion, home decor, food, stuff, ideas, etc) and their first issue of 2013 (January, for those of you that are still hungover) they introduced Organized Living a room or space at a time, starting with 2013. After reading it this month's space and tips (the Kitchen), I thought - this is totally doable! I'm motivated and inspired to follow along and try! 

The best thing about this resolution is that it's a little at a time; a little each month.  My step one for January?  Throw away at least one of the 5 boxes of Baking Powder that has somehow migrated from each of my and my husband's rental to rental to finally our home. 

To see my specific style resolutions go here. My resolution to get a better night sleep and ways to help with that go here. 

Are you making any resolutions? If so, what is one of yours?