December 10, 2012

2013 Style Resolutions

Why do I have this style blog if nothing more to learn from my mistakes and changing life that inevitably changes my style sense?  Every year I think it's important to reflect on who you have become and how that changes things in your life, even reflecting your creativity or personality (however you think of style).  You should share your style resolutions, too!  

London Times (ahh-mazing dresses for any occasion) is hosting a giveaway of $200 to pick out anything from their site to whoever has the best entry!  Simply share your style resolution on their Facebook page and you could win!

So, my style resolutions?

1. Don't be blinded by the price tag. When something is "such a great deal," "so cheap to resist," "only x amount... might as well," stop and think if it were double the cost, would I still want it?  Even if it is a really good deal, doesn't mean I need it.

2. Clean out my closet, for real. Let go of those items I haven't worn in years. Understand how things have changed over the last 2 years (hello...), and just reduce. Less is more. tell me, help others, how are you going to reduce and need less this year? (tweet me #LessisMore2013)

3. Finally, keep refining what styles suit my body. Who cares what is in style, what everyone else is wearing, what the must have item is. Focus on what works for me. No matter what size you are, fashion can still be fun. Like A-Line skirts are my friend (like this red dress).

 Amazing fit and flare red lace dress c/o London Times

So tell me! What are your style resolutions?



  1. These are style resolutions that everyone should live by! I think I will definitely do a closet clean out, as well as the blinded by the price tag (I always fall victim to, 'But it's such a good deal!!!')

    Haute Child in the City

  2. That dress looks fabulous on you!

    I plan to ditch a load of clothing from my closet (I already have a couple times this year) and reorganize. Without order, I forget what I have a end up wearing the same pieces over and over and over.

    Cheers to resolutions! Good luck. :)

  3. Love those resolutions. I am bad about hoarding clothes. I hang on to things that don't fit because they might someday, or pieces that I've never worn or only worn once because they're too pretty to get rid of. But this week I think I'm actually going to clean out my closet and get a little extra Christmas cash by selling some items to a resale shop.

    I do fall victim to buying things just because they're a great deal. Like this weekend, I went to the Banana Republic Outlet shop at Legends and bought a nice black pencil skirt for $2.00, a pink cami for $2.00, a teal dressy tank for $3.50, and a sleeveless color block professional dress for $8.00. But really, I can't feel guilty about those prices.

    Btw that dress is super cute!


  4. Those are fantastic goals and love that dress! I am currently editing my wardrobe and donating items that fit pre-baby or that I only like. I really want to add more color to my style next year.

  5. The dress looks really good on you

  6. Great dress and a great list. I share your first resolution. I have a hard time distinguishing between what is needed and what is wanted. Gonna try harder to establish that so I can build a workable closet.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Awesome list! I think I am guilty of getting blinded by price tags during the after Christmas sales especially! ooops! Just discovered your blog through Daily Style Buzz! I'm a new fan!

  8. Love this dress. Where ever did you get it? I love the cut, the design and the color. A+++++


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