January 15, 2013

Shoe(s) of the Day: Winter Must Haves!

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I've been stomping around in this cold winter weather in some of the same pairs of shoes, so thought I'd share my favorites for winer + one wish list item I've been seriously wanting.
What are your favorite winter shoes you've been wearing?
one// two// three// four



  1. I have #2 and love them so much!


  2. Great choices... I too have #2 and just LOVE them so!
    Especially since I am from canada, we sure need our fashionable winter boots.

    I too am doing all I can to get into the TOP 25 Fashion & Beauty Mama's of 2013. You are standing pretty safe with one of the TOP SPOTS, so congrats to you. Would love to have you over to my place, see where I call home.




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