Chasing Davies: March 2012

March 30, 2012

Favorite Things in March

As another month this year wraps up, I've decided to do a bit more reflection as time whizzes by (how is 2012 going so fast?!), so I am installing a monthly "Favorite Things" feature.  Towards the end of each month I will just share with you a few things I particularly loved this month - big or small, experiences or physical goods, or whatever else strikes my fancy.  I hope you'll enjoy and take a moment to reflect back on your own month!

And I'd love to hear what some of your favorite parts were from the past month, so comment and/or link up below!

Favorite Things of March

Berries. By the bowl full.  Blackberries, blueberries and strawberries are making me happy. The perfect warm weather food and a sign of summer to come.

New Bracelet. And affordable.  Gosh I love finding new shops, like Derng.  I've been wearing this bracelet a lot, and love that it is gold with just the right amount of sparkle.

Mom's One Line A Day. To remember the small stuff or the overall gist of the day.  I keep this little journal
next to my bed, so at night I can reflect.  It's not overwhelming since there is only a small space to write for each day (for 5 years).

Sophie the Giraffe.  I think my baby is going to be an early teether and thankfully, he's learned to soothe his gums recently by chewing on Sophie.

Bath Time.  Liam is so fun in the bath these days.  He kicks his legs so hard to splash water all over and out of his little baby tube, then laughs all proud with himself.
What were some of your favorite things or moments in March?

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March 29, 2012

In Bloom

I love these flower trees.  Usually they bloom in late April, I think, but this has been the most floral March ever!

So today I could have sworn it was Friday.  It feels like a Friday.  This week has been a long one.  One more day, I guess.

On the bright side, that's one more day to prepare for a busy weekend!  Hosting a bridal shower, in-laws in town, and most importantly... KU bball to watch.

Oh yes. March Madness.

And I hope some walks outside to see more of these pretty flower trees before they loose their petals and turn into regular boring trees.

{Outfit Details: Stripe Tee, Flats & Belt - Target; Floral Cardi - Forever21, Skirt - Old Navy}

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March 28, 2012

Pink Crusade Continues

I promise I'm not trying to where all pink this week, it's just what I'm drawn too in my closet lately.

This skirt was a deal makers deal - from Target, on clearance.  I think I paid like $6.  The top and what I think I'm going to call a summer blazer is from Forever21 - so this whole outfit is probably under $60 (including the flats that I got on sale from ASOS, but not including my jewelry).

I've realized now that I'm a mom with lots of new expenses (hello daycare and college fund), I'm probably going to be very much about a good deal.  Not that I wasn't before, I've always been budget-conscious.  My splurges will have to be really worth it now and a bit fewer and far between.

That is, until I win the lottery.

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March 27, 2012

For the love of Pink!

 {Top & Boots - Old Navy; Skirt - Anthropologie (similar); Belt - J.Crew (similar)}

Yesterday was a pink cardi, today (an outfit I actually wore last week - as documented here), I mixed my long hot pink skirt with coral stripes and a leopard belt.

Oh and I'm not finished yet... you'll see more pink tomorrow. :)

Am I the only one loving pink lately?

I think I've been digging pink because it's making me feel extra springy.  That and it's everywhere.  It's completely unavoidable.

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March 26, 2012

Feels Like Summer

{Cardi & Dress - J.Crew Necklace - Banana Republic; Bag - Old Navy; Loafers - Steven by Steve Madden}

I spent a lot of time outside this weekend. Kansas City experienced a beautiful 70-80 degree weekend after 5 days of tons of rain.  All that rain was worth it!  My sister came to town - and we went on walks with the little man, shopped till we dropped on the Plaza and of course watched our Jayhawks knock out old KU's coach, Roy's team to make it to the Final Four.

I think I actually got sunburned too.  Sure sign of summer right there.

What did you do this weekend?

P.S. I've been wearing a lot of pink lately... You'll see what I mean tomorrow.

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March 23, 2012

Hey Mamas... 20% off H&M Kids

I'm ready for spring and bright bottoms, flowy dresses, sandals and pedicures (goes hand and hand with wearing, but H&M isn't forgetting about keeping our little ones stylish and ready for spring, too!  H&M's current Spring collection features affordable, fashionable, durable and sustainable styles for kids.

Did you hear that? Durable.
That should go hand in hand with kids clothing (just like pedicures and sandals).

But before you think durable means harsh, get this. H&M’s children’s clothing is made with organic cotton and has been cultivated without chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers. So you can buy the clothing and not worry about washing it before the first wear!

Furthermore, all the clothes are also tested to ensure that none of its fasteners like buttons or ribbons will come loose.  So they have your kids' safety in mind!

Not to mention your wallet.  Great prices, always.  H&M style. And right now until April 2nd get an additional 20% off with this coupon.

Print this and take to your local H&M!
Find your local store here.
Kansas City's H&M is located on the Country Club Plaza.

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March 22, 2012

Bed Head & a Cup of Joe

{Purple shirt & polka dot tunic - Forever21; Cropped pants - Loft; Oxfords - Nine West; Necklace - Loft; Bracelet - Derng}

Maybe the title of this post should be "Bed Head & Red Roots" - is my hair turning RED?!

But it's not.  And that's because there are two things that I can rely on every morning - messy hair and needing a cup (or two, or three) of coffee.  With Liam's sleep schedule unpredictable, and still waking two or three times a night, I find little time, or energy to fix my hair much these days.

And the first thing I do when I get to the office is treat myself to some very caffeinated coffee, a bit o' milk mixed in and extra caffeine on the side (I wish there was such).

14 weeks of motherhood never looked so good messy... hah!

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March 21, 2012

Thank You to my March Supporters

Huge thank you to the following brands and people for supporting Chasing Davies this month!  Just a little icing on this bloggy cake to help me do what I love and bring you cool product reviews & giveaways.   Please show them some love!

Mary is the author of the blog, Trusty Chucks, where she gives us a glimpse into her life.  From what she's wearing (like this so cute outfit), to what she's making (um, yum), what she's reading and what her family is up to (how cute her little one is), there is a little something for everyone. provided me my pick of glasses and I'm loving having the fun new accessory.  I'd been really jonesing for some tortoise shell ones, and now I have 'em.  See my review here.

Eco Swim provided Erica, the winner of my giveaway with her choice between two super cute suits. How jealous I am of her!  I love the polka dot one, myself!  

31 Bits is an amazing organization doing good in the world.  By selling jewelry that women in Northern Urganda make by hand, you are empowering them to make a living and rise above poverty.  They sent me a beautiful necklace {see it here} and I look forward to checking out their collections on a frequent basis!

But most of all, THANK YOU for reading Chasing Davies.  I love having this little space on the internet, interacting and hearing from you through comments, Facebook, Twitter, and even in person if I'm so lucky.  And it all wouldn't not be possible without great readers like you.  I don't say Thank You enough.

Future Supporters - Interested in sponsoring, giveaways, product reviews, etc - I'm flexible and open to all types of collaborations and time frames.  Email Me for more information or see the this page for ideas starters..

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March 20, 2012

Friends with Cute Clothes

{Cardigan - J.Crew/Borrowed from friend; Button Up - J.Crew Outlet (similar), Pants - Old Navy Jeggings, Flats - Old Navy, Earrings - Forever21, Lipstick - Nars Heatwave} feels so good to have friends with cute clothes so that I can steal -er-borrow them.  Like this (army or floral??) print cardigan for example.  Not mine. But I get to wear it in my pattern mixing endeavor.  Any other friends want me to borrow their clothes?  I promise I'll give them back... maybe.  And hopefully without baby spit up. ;)

P.S. Winner of the Eco Swim giveaway has been selected.  Find out here.

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March 19, 2012

The Nerdier, the Better

When it comes to glasses, I say the nerdier the better.  So I went big and bold this time with eyeglasses from I'm also loving tortoise shell at the moment, so when I sorted by color to 'tortoise' and saw these glasses - I was a happy girl. 

When I'm not wearing glasses, I'm wearing contacts, which is usually.  But every now and then my eyes need a break, and even more so, it's a fun accessory to play with.  These are not just funky props, but actually prescription glasses, so I can see.  That's always good.  Without, I'd be 2 inches from this screen trying to see what I was typing right now.

I know there are tons of cool places and brands to buy glasses from right now, but I think GlassesUSA have really affordable options (under $100) and often good sales/deals.  Right now, all the iSee Eyewear Collection brand is 20% off (Code: ISEE20FS) for a limited time.  That is the brand my glasses are and they have a lot of fun ones. As an added bonus, use code Blog10 for 10% off anything from

Check out their virtual mirror, where you can try on glasses online and share with your friends!

Do you were glasses?  Do tell me what your favorite type of frames to wear are! 

 Glasses were given to me from GlassesUSA, but all options are mine.

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March 16, 2012

Oh hey bright shoulders...

{Stripe/Neon Pink Tee - J.Crew; Vest - Old Navy; Pants - Gap; Wedges - Target; Necklace - Forever21}

I swam for 15 years competitively.  You might now see evidence of this in my shoulders and arms.  So I was wondering how this shirt would look, highlighting those broad shoulders, but I love it.  I love the pop of neon pink in an unexpected place. I don't care if it makes my shoulders look even bigger!

On another note, another J.Crew stripe shirt I need not.

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March 15, 2012

Emerald & Polka Dots

{Top (sim) & Skirt (sim) - Forever21; Watch - Michael Kors/gift; Bracelet - Thrifted necklace; Necklace - c/o GS Lillian; Wedges - Payless}

You first saw a snippet of these pieces I recently bought at Forever21 (skirt & shirt) on the Chasing Davies Facebook Page.  I'm ready for St. Patty's day early this year.  I'm never short of green options for the holiday.  Kelly & emerald greens are a favorite color of mine... thought these days I really like anything that is color.

What will you be wearing for St. Pat's day?  

P.S. The winner of the Sneakpeeq giveaway was Kathryn.  $20 credit was applied to your account!

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March 14, 2012

Soft Pastels & 31 Bits

{Cardi - J.Crew, Tee - Forever21, Necklace - c/o 31 Bits,  Skirt - Target, Leggings - Loft, Flats - ASOS}

The sweet people over at 31 Bits not only (and most importantly) use fashion and design to empower women to rise above poverty, but also sent me a necklace to try out myself. The Willow Knot necklace is what I'm wearing & loving, and even more so, the story behind it.

31 Bits is located in Southern California, but they work with women in Northern Uganda who are making jewelry out of recycled paper.  By selling the jewelry at 31 Bits, they not only provide a sustainable monthly income for these women, but also education and development programs that prepare the women for future careers.  I love when fashion, sustainability and social mindedness come together. 

Oh and a discount for you all.  Get 20% off your purchase now through Monday, March 19th with code: DAVIES20 - Go shop, now! 

Check out their site and this great video for more info!