December 17, 2012

A first birthday success.

Liam's first birthday party was yesterday. We had our immediate family members and some of our closest friends with their littles over for a Winter One-derland. Liam was in a good mood, we had plenty of food, the decor came together to give our yellow house a frosty feel and most importantly, I think little man had a great time!
This is just a sneak peek of the party and Liam, the daintiest first time cake eater ever.  More pics of the decor details, cake and party pics to come in a few weeks.

I made Liam his own personal and healthy cake with wheat floor, a small amount of sugar, egg whites and yogurt.  I found the recipe here and made the vanilla cake (Liam seemed to like it just fine, I even thought it was good).

The "1" sign was made with poster board and coffee filters. I just cut out the number then taped (you can glue if you wish) coffee filters all over! If you wanted a different color, you could use spray paint.  

How did your own kiddos eat their first cake? Attack or pick?


  1. My girls both dug in! Such great memories, looks like Liam had fun! Congrats on a first year well done!

  2. so cute... cant believe the year flew by so quick!

  3. awwww soo cute!!! i love the look and feel of party!

  4. Shirtless wonder, ready for cake! I saw your sneak peek on FB, happy to see more here and looking forward to even more! What an awesome #1. It's so cool to see a baby boy b-day. Not a shred of pink in sight. lol Don't get me wrong, I love pink now & fully embrace it. It's just funny to see something baby related without it.


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