Chasing Davies: New Facebook feature could boost News Feed reach

November 24, 2012

New Facebook feature could boost News Feed reach

Since Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm was changed in September, many pages' have experienced lower News Feed reach.  And since most users consume Facebook content via the News Feed, overall page posts and traffic is down for many.  
The algorithm was optimized to only show users content from pages' they are highly engaged with.  On the positive side, this has forced brands and page owners to become more strategic and post only the good stuff.  This puts a lot more burden on page posters, but gives users better content to  consume in a quickly becoming over-saturated  area. 
On the negative side, not all users "engage" the way the algorithm measures. Some users absorb content without getting "like" happy.  And many users only check Facebook via their mobile phones, making commenting less desirable. 
Thankfully Facebook continues to tweak their offerings for the good of the overall experience.  Recently,  a new feature has been added to pages that allows users to select to "Get Notifications."  This increases chances that you'll receive posts to your timeline.  All you have to do is go to the page you love, click on "Like" and then select "Get Notifications" in the drop down menu.
This will not guarantee page posts make it to your News Feed, as timeliness and posts from other profiles (friends) and pages you are engaged with play a part, but could help you gain more visibility into the pages you "like."
Do you follow Chasing Davies on Facebook?  I'd love to have you there. I post 4-5 times a week with content around fashion trends, styling tips, sales/deals of note and peeks into my life via photos (events, Liam, store display outfits, etc.). That's a great area to ask me questions or post photos of outfits/items! I can easily and quickly respond and would love to get to know you more!
So, make sure to "like" Chasing Davies on Facebook AND opt-in to "Get Notifications" - and feel free to sounds off; tell me what you want to see, what you're liking or want more of!
Hope you don't mind this little deviation from typical Chasing Davies content. I hope this helps you with managing pages you like or your own page!