Chasing Davies: DIY Embellished Shoulders

November 20, 2012

DIY Embellished Shoulders

{paired my studs with bits o' leopard - loafers}

As promised yesterday, here is the Madewell event DIY I did. I used my Old Navy roll-cuff blouse (only $13 right now! and come in lots of colors) to embellish.  I figured if I messed it up, I could replace it or not have ruined something more expensive... Madewell provided different stud types, and I chose the rounded stud.  You can order them in bulk here.  

I had the prongs straddle the shoulder seam and then just shoved them through the material. After they were through the shirt, I used my thumb to fold down and close the prongs {and only bled once}.  You could alternatively use pliers or a hammer, I just found using my hands faster.  Depending on the size of your shirt (or shoulders) and how close together you want your studs, the amount of studs will vary. 

I am a DIY-failure, and even I could handle this {with only one band-aide and a shirt I already had}, so I'm serious when I say, you could do this!  Here are a couple of other DIY embellished shirts, using the same method {ok, well, with pliers}: 

What would you embellish?? An old cardi, thrifted piece or plaid item needing pizzazz?