June 8, 2012

High Noon

{Dress - Target (similar); Top - J.Crew; Belt - Target (similar); Flats - H&M (similar}

Pardon the major shadows and squinted eyes. These photos were taken at the worst possible time to take outdoor photos. I know that the best time to take photos is the last hour of daylight. I know this.  But I also know by that time I look like a drowned rat, especially in the summer time (not that I look so great at noon).

How do you bloggers do it? Do you have to get ready all over again?  By the end of my day, 90% of my make up is rubbed off, there are remnants of lunch and baby spit up on my clothes and my hair is a frizzy, tangled mess.

Sometimes it's hard to be a style blogger, and always awkward.

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  1. Those flats are making me extremely jealous I don't have a H&M anywhere close by me!

  2. Haha, yes I hear you! I try to take my pictures in the evening, but I do have to touch up my makeup--otherwise it's a little scary :) And I know they say that time of day is best, but I think you look gorgeous in these photos and in that cute dress!

  3. I wonder the same thing, so if you find the answer, let me know. I don't have any kids, but by the end of my work day, my makeup is mostly gone, I'm exhausted (and look it), my clothes are wrinkled and sometimes have dog hair all over them, and I'm usually running in to change, then running out to dance class to sweat. I take my pics in the morning or not at all.

    1. Morning is probably similar to evening? I just am always running late in the mornings. hah!

  4. Great look! I try to do my looks in the morning (but sometimes that doesn't work). Thanks for participating in Fashionista Friday!

  5. love your sequined sandals girl!

  6. You could try looking for a shaded area outdoors, I've given that advice to my models and it has helped them. I also tell them when it's too bright like that, don't stand right under the sun, you kind of have to move away from it. I think the pictures look great though. Cute outfit! Love those shoes!



  7. i love your blog! Your outfits are so cute, and not too expensive!


  8. Such cute sandals!
    I generally try to take my pics in the morning before I turn into the ridiculously wrinkle tired looking mess I would be if I tried to take pictures in the evening


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