April 26, 2012

Wearing Heels is for the Birds

{Top - J.Crew, Skirt - Old Navy, Shoes - Rocketdog via DSW, Sunglasses -Forever21 (really wish I were wearing these), Watch - MK}

I wore heels today, not wedges, but full on heels and I totally regretted it.  I mean, these aren't that high or unforgettable, but these days with my new post-baby body, I have a hard time teetering around on little tiny spikes.  The day started out fine, but after my mid-day, over lunch time 4 mile jog/walk - putting these back on made me feel like a 90 year old.  

Just ask the people behind me on the stairs as I carefully teetered down, grimacing with achy knees. Seriously?  So having a baby makes your joints age 60 years? Bummer.

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  1. I have been finding the older I get, the harder it is to wear them! Even without a baby! At least you look amazing :)

  2. I tried on that skirt at Old Navy and didn't get it because I didn't know what to pair it with! LOVING the stripe on stripe!

  3. I haven't even had a baby and I still only wear heels occasionally. My body kind of rejects them. Love how you mixed the stripes!

  4. I hear you! My knees are messed up after having the baby. I wonder how long it takes to get better. My ankles are weak too, I wore heels for my sisters wedding 3 weeks ago and sprained my ankle! They couldn't take the height! Lol sucky!!!

  5. LOVE the stripes on stripes...so creative! You look great and the shoes are fab! =)

  6. Awwww, well, if it's any consolation, you look great! :)


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