April 30, 2012

Favorite Parts in April

Last month I started recapping my favorite things (events, feelings, things, etc) from the month, and want to do it again!  Feel free to join in - link up below in the comments or just comment with your favorites from April!

My favorite parts of April...

1. A trip to California.  We packed up the whole fam, and I mean the WHOLE fam!  My sister met us there from Chicago, my parents came along, and of course the hubs and baby came with me!  The trip was far too short, but packed with fun.

2. An easy going baby that traveled well! And a new hat to shield his those bright blue eyes. We found travelling with Mr. L very easy.  I mean, it definitely takes planning and organization - and didn't hurt that we had lots of help (my family), but it was a fun trip!  Also, this new hat kills me (from Baby Gap), in a good way.

3. A pretty new ring I've been wearing a lot.  It's fun to find something that can be worn a lot!  This pretty little ring has been on my finger pretty much since I got it...also made the Mother's Day gift guide and I totally want another myself (they're stackable, after all)!

4. Winning the new iPad!  Yes, winning...as in free! I actually won a work bracket and this was the grand prize. I couldn't believe it.  In case you are considering one...it's amazing. And I love it. I got mine in white, which is a bit fun.  Since I won the iPad, I splurged a bit and got a cute case from Kate Spade.

5. Meeting Tim Gunn.  Now that was cool.  Not only just meeting him, but there was a whole Fashion Show event!  I will have the whole recap (including lots of fashion tips the ever so insightful Mr. Gunn provided throughout the show and Q&A session) up on the blog and full load of pics on my Facebook page soon!

What were your favorite parts of April? And can you believe it's May already?  Summer is almost here!

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  1. Soooooooooooo jealous that you got to meet Tim Gunn! I can't wait to read your recap. I hope he was as fabulous and funny and awesome as he seems on TV.

  2. You got to meet Tim Gunn!? Amazing:) You looked fabulous too. We are polka dot twins today.
    Glad you got to head out to Cali. When I visit I never want to leave.
    Have a great week chica!

  3. Kudos on making it through the first airplane travel with the little one! Looks like you guys handled it like pros! We still have not been brave enough to try it yet.

    Chelsea (www.hautechildinthecity.com)

  4. Lucky you getting your picture taken with the silver fox himself. I was there but didn't get the photo opp, cute outfit too!

  5. ooooo. I love this idea and this post. so jealous that you got to meet tim g.!


  6. Yay for winning an iPad. I love mine!

  7. Oh my gosh!!! I am so jealous you met Tim Gunn!! He is so amazing! Your pictures of your favorite outfits are really beautiful! I am really loving the new Kate Spade line! Thanks for sharing this!

    -- Farra


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