Chasing Davies: Shoe of the Day - Leopard Wedges

February 17, 2012

Shoe of the Day - Leopard Wedges

{Kylie Wedge Pump in Leopard from Payless}

I got some new shoes yesterday while out running errands with my little guy. Practical ones and than other ones.  I went out for new running shoes (practical) and also go some other ones.  I don't want to say impractical... Another pair of Leopard shoes I don't need is probably impractical, but the fact that they are WEDGES and CHEAP is a new mom's best friend!

Now that I'm a mom, running dirty diapers up and down the stairs, hauling a car seat in and out of the car, pushing a stroller, trying to move faster to fit more in during baby naps, etc - heels are not once the friend they use to be.  Wedges are perfect for when I'm wanting something with some height.  I wore these out last night to dinner and am happy with the purchase!

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