Chasing Davies: Found New Glasses Online!

September 12, 2011

Found New Glasses Online!

A co-worker recently told me about Warby Parker for new eyeglasses and I was immediately excited to get to the eye doctor for an updated prescription! I've been wanting to get a pair of new glasses for a fun accessory and a break from my contacts, and after learning the following, I knew this was the place.

1. Most importantly - they give back! You buy a pair, they give a pair to someone in need.
2. All pairs are each $95 - good price for prescription glasses with anti-reflective lenses, prescription (you can can sans-prescription, too if you're just looking for an accessory).
3. Home Try-On program - before you commit to a pair, try them out (for free) first.  Select 5 pairs to be shipped (demo lenses) for free, try them out and the mail back for free.  Go online and order the ones you want.

So I did the home-try on and here are the 5 I got (about 3 days after I ordered them) in the mail:

Then I tried on all 5 of my selected options... What do you think?!  I'm going for the "nerdy" look, if you can't tell. :)  (Keep in mind, these are demo lenses, so not the nice anti-reflective ones my actual pair will have)

1. Pierce Eyeglasses

2. Colton Eyeglasses

3. Miles Eyeglasses

5. Wiloughby Eyeglasses

5. Huxley Eyeglasses

I've already selected my fav.... What is yours?

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