Chasing Davies: Blog Face Lift

August 13, 2011

Blog Face Lift

Notice anything different?

Just a totally awesome blog face lift by the talented and very patient (I had a lot of questions, input, suggestions, etc) Danielle Moss.  A much needed one...

I wanted something clean, but pretty, simple, but fun, classic, but girly...and I think she captured it all.  I'm still messing around with my gadgets and reorganizing my content, so you might see some things jump around...hang in there for a few days. :)  But in the meantime, what do you think?

Because of my new layout, I have a few Sponsorship changes & tweaks, but as always, custom sizes (that fit in my blog template) may always be worked out.  Visit my sponsorship page for more info and/or email me to get in for September!

Hope you all are having a super amazing weekend!