Chasing Davies: Baby Crib Options

August 15, 2011

Baby Crib Options

Who knew picking out the perfect baby crib would be so hard?  I actually found my dream crib (who has dream cribs? This is what happens when you get knocked up I guess.), but it's way to expensive.  So we've found some less expensive options, but hubs and I are being extremely picky.  This is where I turn to you trusty readers!!

Reminder of the nursery room look (first posted here), modified a bit with the help of Me & Gisele:

Inspiration Crib that cost way to much:

We don't want anything with a high back or overly bulky.  Here are some found options, but less expensive:

Please vote between the 5 options, or if you have seen something else to recommend!  :) 
I appreciate you always! Thank you!