Chasing Davies: Knocked Up (Not Out)

July 14, 2011

Knocked Up (Not Out)

This is an Awkward, but more Awesome announcement.

It's way past due  (the awkward part) for me to finally come clean to you all about something super awesome happening in my life.  I've been meaning to tell you, I just hadn't had the proper time to spend in formulating my thoughts properly.

I still don't think I have formulated the right words yet.

You may have already guessed by the title, or the very noticeable bump here the other day, but I am pregnant. Knocked up.  Bun in the Oven.  With Child.  And I'm SO excited.

I will defiantly be weaving in some pregnancy topics into my regular posts (as it's just unavoidable), and you'll be seeing me grow and my fashion choices having to alter with it.  But, I'm not leaving you, nor totally turning this thing into mommy central.  

Some basic stats you may be wondering... I'm 17 weeks along and due right around Christmas (December 23-24).  Which means, I've been pregnant since March 17th!  It's been an interesting journey. I'll have more stories for you later and bits and pieces here and there to catch you up.

For now, lets discuss this hair (awkward and awesome).  I haven't worn my hair like this since the 5th grade.  But the other night I was watching the current season of True Blood, and saw Sooki running around with this do.  While the show is sort of annoying so far this season, I liked the hair and decided to try it.

{Vest - on sale at J.Crew; Dress - ASOS; Belt - Marshal's; Necklace - way old from H&M, Heels - Target}