Chasing Davies: In the Weeds

June 2, 2011

In the Weeds

My today photographer thought it'd be fun to get me into some weeds.  But then you couldn't see my cute nude bow flats, so I took some next to the weeds too.

{White blouse - NY&Co, Navy vest - Forever 21, Lime skirt - J.Crew, Nude bow flats - ASOS, Necklace - Talbots, Belt - Target}

 I love the back of this vest and the contrast with the white shirt.  It's kind of a party in the back, but classy in the front.  Also, I didn't feel like doing my hair today.  Eeps.  And now I see why I should get up a few minutes earlier to do it.  I'm not a morning person, you see.  I push snooze too much.  Something I need to work on.

On another note, Lulu and I need "I See, You See" theme ideas!  This weeks theme was road signs.  Check it out here and comment there or here with theme ideas, please!

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