Chasing Davies: Flowin'

June 1, 2011


 This skirt is fun to wear on a windy day.  Talk about a flow.  Today wasn't windy, but it was still fun to wear.

 A whole lotta pink, but man, I love it.  The chiffon material feels light and cool, so won't bog me down in the even warmer months ahead.

Expect to see this Anthropologie Lengthening Rays skirt a lot, but I'll try my best to switch up the look.  Like last time I wore with stripes.  Today I wore to the office, so paired with this J.Crew print, ruffle shell, Target belt and Jellies.

P.S. Emily won the June Ad Space Giveaway!  Emily, email me your ad (200x75 or 80x80) and I'll get it up! (Winner picked via - #3)

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