Chasing Davies: Favorite Blogger Outfit: Midi Love

May 2, 2011

Favorite Blogger Outfit: Midi Love

I'm evolving this feature - whenever I can, by adding an interview with the favorite blogger outfit of the week!  So make sure to read my interview with Jentine below the photo!

The midi is everywhere this season.  I've already told you how much I love it (longer skirt lengths - yay!).  But one look at Miss Jentine from My Edit, and you'll love it too!  She rocks a thrifted bright purple midi skirt that I wish I could get my hands on!

 {Her outfit deets: Blouse, skirt, purse and white necklace - thrifted, Shoes - French Connection, Necklace - Banana Republic}

Interview with Jentine from My Edit:

Q: What is your process for picking out outfits like?
Jentine: I try to pick out an outfit in advance if I have somewhere to go. It saves time and the inevitable break-down when an outfit doesn't look quite as I planned. I definitely have my go to last minute outfits (that often involve my Gap slim jeans and brown boots...) but otherwise, I will plan in advance just by playing in my closet, having a glass of wine (optional) and trying stuff on. Being prepared cuts down on marital strife and general lateness...:)

Q: If you could only utilize one source to find fashion inspiration, what would it be?
Jentine: B. Jones Style. I always mention her but she can dress.

Q: How did you get into thrifting?  I really want to get started myself, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by it.  Any tips for beginners?
Jentine:  I grew up with second hand clothes because money was tight. I thrifted sporadically as I got older but it wasn't about until 2 years ago that I got... well, addicted. It is the best way to shop trends and be unique! Shameless self plug but check my thrift tips on my blog especially these one (here or here) if you are not sure where to start in the world of thrift.

Q: What is your favorite piece to wear? Why?
Jentine: I love a dress! It highlights the good stuff and hides the bad stuff. And I can find a plethora of them in the thrift store (ha... love using that word...plethora).

Q: Do you have a favorite outfit that you've worn? If so what and why?  If not, why not?
Jentine:  Picking a favourite outfit is like picking a favourite cat...

Thank you Jentine!

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