Chasing Davies: Twirling

April 11, 2011


I am SO glad that longer, knee-length or midi skirts are back in style, let me tell you.  So much easier to dress for work and my legs do a bit better with a skirt that is longer than micro mini.  Plus you can twirl in them, and that's a lot of fun!

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Sorry if I made you dizzy.  Twirling is just so much fun. :)  Thanks to Lulu for taking these pics.

{Top, actually a tunic tucked in - Banana Republic; Full skirt - Oldie Banana Republic, Earrings - SF China Town, Shoes - Marshalls, Ring - Banana Republic}

You know those rings that are double fingered?  Well, this is not one of those - but it's face flaps over my second finger, making it look like one of those double fingered rings. I like it better this way because my fingers are still free.  But hey - stop looking at my unpolished, ultra bitten down, stress-ridden fingers!

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