Chasing Davies: Favorite Blogger Outfit {One Day Late}: Winterizing J.Crew Spring

February 15, 2011

Favorite Blogger Outfit {One Day Late}: Winterizing J.Crew Spring

Ok, I have a confession to make.  I have been avoiding J.Crew like the plague!  Not even a peak onto their site or a walk by the store.  I'm on a spending freeze, you know with this Remix Challenge. And J.Crew is my one biggest weakness.  If I were to even just "look", something would come over me, select, purchase, pay and it'd arrive without me even realizing I'd broken my rule!

So I'm almost done with this Remix Challenge, and I can see the light.  I can tell you the first thing I'm going to buy.  I'm literally counting the hours until I can place my order to get this fabulous J.Crew dress that YogaGirl (and one of the first J.Crew bloggers I started following a couple years ago) is not only looking adorable in, but fabulously winterized!!  Ah, love it...

Her outfit deets: 
Old Navy Denim Jeggings, J. Crew Vintage Roadster Boots and Selby Purse, Silence and Noise Green Cocoon Sweater and ATL Plum Scarf

And the Dress:
Maritime Dress

Also...I have finally come up with a button/badge for any past or future bloggers featured in my weekly (or as close to weekly as humanly possible) Favorite Blogger Outfit that'd like to take and post on their blog!  This weekly feature was created to show my support to all the bloggers out there that give me inspiration!  I've gotten only positive feedback about this, so hope to continue to do it for a long time!

Here's is the new badge for all you that have been featured (you can find it on my side bar, too):

Chasing Davies