Chasing Davies: Day 22 {Dressing up, but staying warm}

February 14, 2011

Day 22 {Dressing up, but staying warm}

Just a heads up - my weekly Favorite Blogger Outfit Feature will be tomorrow, instead of today due to a lot going on today...oh just a really awesome giveaway, more Bachelor stuff, and this remix outfit update.  So you'll see it tomorrow!

Up in Omaha, just 3 hours north of where I live, the weather temps drop 5-10 degrees.  Doesn't seem like too big of a deal except when it already too cold.  Dressing up is hard to do in the winter.  We went to see Mary Poppins Broadway with my husbands fam.  It was a wonderful! The special effects, stage props & lighting was my favorite part!  Mary Poppins really did fly around with her little umbrella.

So anyways, I wore my chiffon turquoise dress with layers on top to keep warm.  It acted as a skirt, with my stripe tee over the bodice of the dress, and then my sweater over the shirt!

 See!  The dress is under there somewhere...
 {Dress deets here; J.Crew sweater; SJP Bitten strip tee; Loft Belt; Chinese Laundry Boots}

Nice enough to go to the theater? I'm not sure I pulled that off, but I was warm! And now this week is WARM!  Like who totally has spring fever now?! This girl!!