Chasing Davies: Day 19 {There's that blizzard}

February 9, 2011

Day 19 {There's that blizzard}

See?  I told you the Snomageddon was coming!!  It huffed and it puffed and blew loads of snow all around.  I braved the wind, cold and giant snow flakes to get some shots outside.  And I loved it.

Here is might BRIGHT outfit to break out from all the white around me...inspired by Sydney.

 {Blinded by the Light}

{I would have rather worn high heels with this outfit, but given the snow, I grabbed the boots.}

So besides frolic around in negative degree, snowy weather in tights, I made a big batch of home made mac & cheese for the hubs and me.  Comfort food is perfect on a cold day like this!

 {Grated cheddar cheese & buttery Corn Flakes = Mmmm-Good}

I also hung our with hubs and Chuck.  Sweet Chuckie loves the snow...

What did you do in the snow?  And if you're one of the 14 states without snow, I don't want to know!